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Reviews and Guide

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"Above the coast road, on a rocky outcrop, is the excellent restaurant, La Creperie, with spectacular views from the terrace across the Bay of Jounie."

"Creperie Kaslik Tel: (09) 912-491, (09) 914-886
Jounie is awash with restaurants, but most are awful. The exception is La Creperie, housed in a classically beautiful Ottoman house with superb views across the bay offered by its position atop a small cliff. The service is immaculate, with penguin-attired waiters and waitresses. It serves great steaks and wines, as well as Lebanese dishes, but is worth a visit just for the view." Source: Explore Your World : The Discovery Channel.

"La Creperie, Kaslik (on the right as you begin to descend into Jounieh) Set in a beautiful Ottoman period building with wonderful views out over the bay of Jounieh. As the name would suggest , crepes (sweet or savoury) are the house speciality here, though they also serve raclette (actually jacket potatoes with melted cheese), steaks, sea food, salads and various dishes."  Source: Lebanon Handbook by Ivan Mannheim

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What is the FTP layer for?

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This allows file operations (such installing extensions or updating the main configuration) without having to make all the folders and files writeable. This makes the site admin's life a lot easier and increases security of the site

You can check the write status of relevent folders by going to ''Help->System Info" and then in the sub-menu to "Directory Permissions". With FTP even if all directories are red, Joomla! will operate smoothly.

NOTE: the FTP layer is not required on a Windows host.

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