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Who Are The Most Socially Sponsorable Olympic Athletes? [INFOGRAPHIC]
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As you might have noticed, celebrities have taken to social media in their droves. For professional athletes, these channels have allowed them to engage and interact with fans, naysayers and rivals, providing an almost endless supply of quotes and stories for the mainstream media.

With the 2012 London Olympics now officially underway (although the opening ceremony is, strangely, taking place tomorrow), the profile of the athletes taking part in these Games has never been higher. But which of these sporting stars’ personal brands is numero uno amongst potential sponsors?

Sponsorhub used the Twitter, Facebook and Klout statistics of the Olympic athletes to determine the social influence of these stars, and coupled this with their on-field performance in professional and international competition to create a Sponsorhub Score, which assesses the value of these athletes to brands.

And the winner? Tennis superstar and recent Wimbledon winner Roger Federer. Federer, although absent on Twitter, is very active on Facebook and this was enough to see his Sponsorhub Score surpass that of the Twitter-pro Serena Williams and basketball icon Lebron James.