Astrology & Horoscope prediction 2016 - 2017
Written by Malek

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Summary Horoscopes 2016- 2017

Aries Horoscope 2016

Best – Job prospects
Worst – Car trouble, in-law issues
Theme – Understanding the mechanics of relationships

Taurus 2016 Horoscope 
Best – New love affairs, children, fun and lucky times ahead!
Worst – Financial debt
Theme – Letting go of what you don’t need any longer

Gemini Horoscope 2016 
Best – Home and family
Worst – Worn old relationships
Theme – Commitment in relationships

Cancer Horoscope 2016 
Best – Travel, school, communication
Worst – Lots of hard work
Theme – Learning to work with others

Leo Horoscope 2016 
Best – Money!
Worst – Gambling and risky investments
Theme – Remembering to put fun in your life!

Virgo Horoscope 2016 
Best – Lots of opportunities in many areas of life
Worst – Family issues
Theme – Expanding your world!

Libra Horoscope 2016 
Best – Oportunities and luck
Worst – Car trouble, communication issues
Theme – Letting the past go. Healing old wounds

Scorpio Horoscope 2016 
Best – Good friends
Worst – Money issues
Theme – Knowing your own self worth

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 
Best – Oportunities and luck in Career
Worst – Negativity within himself
Theme – Breaking down and rebuilding to make a better life for yourself

Capricorn Horoscope 2016
Best – Travel, communication
Worst – Karmic payback
Theme – Get ready for your public debut in the world!

Aquarius Horoscope 2016 
Best – Good Luck With Money
Worst – Nasty friends
Theme – Getting in touch with your high self

Pisces Horoscope 2016 
Best – Luck through Marriage
Worst – Career stress
Theme – Expect the Unexpected

The horoscope for 2016 , based on the astrological situation of the period under examination, brings hope that, in general, 2016 will be a lively bright and fascinating time, filled with large-scale and amazing events. Each of us will be able to gain something in the unrelenting cycle of the universe; something that we will reflect upon within ourselves with profound and zealous light.

In accordance with the eastern zodiac system, the Monkey, a metaphysical embodiment of the anthropogenic factor, will be the main patron of 2016. In other words, this is our year, the year of humanity. 2016, the year of the Monkey, will begin February 7th, 2016 according to the eastern calendar and end on January 27th, 2017. 2016 will be the year of Red Fire Monkey. Generally speaking, in the Chinese horoscope, the Monkey corresponds to the element of Metal, whereas this element is non-existent in the traditional western astrology. The systems formed in different parts of the globe, in reality, complement each other. And we must acknowledge that in this case, the symbol of 2016 is the Monkey; it’s an image of a creature that has risen above the animal world, has become the king of this world, without subordinating the surrounding reality to its will, but recognizing it by becoming part of a harmonious universe. In this regard, Eastern philosophy is much more profound and metaphorical than European one.

It is important for us to know that in 2016 the stars and elements will favor researchers, scientists, adventurers, anyone who denies passivity and tends to constantly explore everything that surrounds us. Of course, this doesn’t imply that the average man in 2016 will “fall short” of all the positive trends; quite the opposite is true, but here everything is a matter of your perception and consciousness. The horoscopes of 2016 for all zodiac signs and years of birth indicate that regardless of our profession, each of us can (and should) strive for steady progress. That being said, this progress can acquire different forms and shapes. One person is to maintain order in the courtyard of their house, one is to erect skyscrapers, and another is to conquer Everest. And it’s difficult to say who has what it takes to be more of a researcher, because in many cases they are required to show remarkable skill, precise calculation, perseverance, strong will, and a number of other qualities. In 2016, new horizons will open for each of us, and the more we strive upward, the "bigger and broader" the world will grow around us. It is not hard to guess that this year will bring about many discoveries in all fields of science. Of course, we need to take into consideration the role of the law of accelerating progress, but it is the year of 2016 that will be most crucial in terms of scientific research.

Speaking of the benevolence of the stars, it is hardly possible to point out the element that will clearly establish its dominate in 2016. Each sign of the classical (European) zodiac system of astrology possesses its own characteristics and features that are worth considering. For example, the signs of the Fire element, which are renowned for their temperament and emotional side, will be surprised to discover new opportunities in front of them, and their psycho-mental (emotional) energy will receive an additional impulse due to the increased dynamics of the solar energy in 2016 allocated to the signs of this group. To put it simply, if earlier representatives of such signs as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius were the last to “pass out” at a party, now you will literally keep going without stopping. Your life energy will be perpetually upbeat! And it has nothing to do with loud music, so no headaches are expected. That being said, it’s better to use your new opportunities not for parties, but for something more sensible and rational.

The signs of the Water element (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) in 2016 will have to go through a series of ordeals; this will apply to the esoteric side of their lives. You may be able to undergo a rite of passage and you will be entrusted with some secret information or some mystery; the chances are good that in 2016 you will be highly likely to fulfill your lifelong dreams. In other words, for the water signs of the zodiac system, it will be a time of understanding, awareness and acceptance of certain hidden knowledge that not everyone is entitled to lay their hands on. Whether it’s good or not is up to every individual to decide. It is important to realize that 2016 will give everyone almost unlimited opportunities in terms of spiritual progress, but your responsibility increases in direct proportion to the growth of your awareness. For example, how much responsibility lies on the shoulders of an ant? In fact, a lot, but compared to the Sun the sphere of the ant’s responsibility is really insignificant. And it has nothing to do with the fact that an ant is a living being and the Sun is not. These phenomena are of the same order; everything in this world is. However, they are distinguished by different possibilities, which define the scope of their responsibility.

The zodiac signs of the Air element (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) in 2016 will clearly experience no problems in their “love life”. Of course, everything here is quite individual, and a lot depends on the actual characteristics of the position of this or that zodiac sign. But, on the whole, the sphere of personal relations will be the "strong" side of life of the signs of the air element. It doesn’t mean that you are unlikely to “be caught” while cheating. We are not talking about the indulgence of your "carnal desires", but the harmonious correlation of different facts and situations involving you and your significant other. 2016 will be romantic, gentle, affectionate and sincere. Perhaps you will encounter some disappointments, but take it easy; everything will happen the way it should. And if you were dumped by your loved one, it's no reason to “grow out your beard”, “get down in the dumps”, and lose control of your life. Perhaps you are not the perfect match for each other or ... well, they had a drawback that you refused to notice.

The Earth element in 2016 will be subject to stellar influences to a much lesser extent than other zodiac signs, although it would be irrational not to mention the increased dynamics of the influence of Mercury on the representatives of this group. In general, we can say that in the sphere of work and finance, everything will be “okay” for the zodiac signs of the Earth element (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) at this stage. Of course, we should also take into account the personal aspect. In other words, if you do nothing, then something good is unlikely to come of it. Did you know that in order to fulfill the sacred duty to your family, it’s not enough to do the dishes or chop some wood in the yard? Everything is much more interesting and bigger, and if you don’t see things this way, it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. The earth signs in 2016 are about to undergo a "radical change" in terms of their spiritual evolution.

Every New Year, waiting in our doorway, requires from us preparations for it in advance, as it’s a complex and dynamic period in our life. The greatest excitement is triggered by the questions concerning the success of our professional field, as well as of our personal life: will it be possible to improve our destiny, or will our plans for a better future be ruined? We wish a happy 2016 and want you to forget about all the troubles in your life! May every moment be full of love, tenderness and happiness!

ans, the upcoming time is ready to give you a bag of mixed fruits, some sweet and some sour. The time is indicating that it may remain a bit difficult for you to maintain harmonious relations with family members. But, don’t take any stress because you may maintain them well if you want. On the other hand, the time is equally encouraging and supportive for getting financial profits. Some delays may occur, but you will get the desired results. Businessmen are advised to avoid excess of expenses and investements. Also, keep a safe distance from stock-market, because chances of profit are a little difficult. As far as relationships are concerned they need love, care, and time to flourish, and all these things will be required by your romantic and sexual life this year. Just give more time and love to your sweetheart, otherwise you may not be able to enjoy your relations to the fullest. Time will come in your favor and things will start improving immensely after the month of August. But, caution would be required throughout the year. So, keep on working hard for a better tomorrow.

Family Life

Some problems may come, but you will face them with courage. Your seventh house is affected by partial Paap-Kartari Yog. So, it would be important to maintain calm and patience to minimise the effects of this Yog. Everything else will automatically turn in favor. You may lose your temper at times, but you are advised not to do anything for which you may have to regret later. Try to maintain good relations with life-partner. Your bond will remain strong with mother. But, caution would be required whenever Moon will transit to Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius because then the possibilities of disputes will increase. Some problems may come in your relationship with father, clashes are possible between you two. But, it would be good for both to avoid any such situation. Ups and downs will also come in relationship with children. Minor disputes with them may disturb your mood. Their health may also deteriorate, so take care and see a doctor whenever necessary. Chances of increase in their weight are also there, if proper care will not taken, so take care.


The good thing about this year is that you will not face any major health problem till the month of August. Very general problems will occur, which will be cured soon. But, you need to stay alert after the month of August. Possibilities of problems related to stomach, indigestion, venereal diseases and pain in shanks are higher. Hospitalization is also possible in some matters, so be careful. Not only there is a need to keep a check on your daily routine and eating habits, but their improvement is also required, so go for it.

Financial Status

This year, you are advised to maintain a distance from stock-market, time is not suitable for taking any kind of financial risk. Also, avoid the thoughts of earning more money in less time and don’t invest anywhere without doing proper research. The year is more suitable for savings than earnings. Situations will further improve after August. In this duration, you will be able to accumulate more money in bank accounts. Then also, don’t take any risk in stock-market. If major-period or sub-period of Saturn and Rahu are there, stay more cautious.


The lord of tenth house is posited in eighth house and it is also the lord of eleventh house for you. Ketu will transit in eleventh house. With these planetary conditions, you are advised to give your full efforts in everything. You will achieve the desired results, but minor delays are possible. Don’t let this become the reason of stress and just keep on moving ahead. Situations will get better after the month of August. Jupiter is aspecting its sign (Sagittarius) till August, but it is in conjunction with Rahu, so it would be unpredictable to say if the luck will support or not.


This year will give mixed results to businessmen. Unnecessary delays may occur in the work of those who want to set up a new business. It might become a reason for stress. But, there is no need to worry because this situation will not last for long. All your works will complete very soon. Money will keep coming at a normal pace. Losses are possible for those who are into work of finance. So, it would be very important to stay cautious regarding financial matters. Situations will improve in August, but then also stay alert.

Love Relationships

This year is not very favorable for love affairs. Some new relations may develop, but they might not last for long. More caution would be required after the month of August. You may become short-tempered, which will put an adverse effect on your relationship. Keep in mind that only your love and patience can maintain goodness in your relationship.

Sexual Life

Stars are telling that you might not enjoy your sexual life to the fullest because this year will keep you busy. Male natives may experience tiredness due to mental stress, busy schedule and wish of fulfillment of unnatural desires. You are advised to enjoy the physical pleasures only with your life-partner, otherwise unnecessary problems will arise. Don’t look for other mates and restrain your libido.

Days Of Caution

The days from March 14 to April 14, September 1 to October 10, and November 16 to December 28 are a little weaker on the meter of luck. So, don’t take any kind of risk in these days. Also, avoid taking major decisions or investment in these durations.



If we have to measure the goodness of time, the New Year 2016 is looking highly in favor of Taurus. Your life-partner or sweetheart will become the driving force for your hard work and achievements. He/She will encourage and support you a lot, and it will make you overcome all the problems very easily. You will enjoy romance a lot. Minor problems are possible for those who are in job at the initial stage, but everything will be alright in the second phase of the year. Whereas, everything will remain smooth and favorable for businessmen. This year, there are certain things that you need to take care of, like your sexual arousal. Control your thoughts, otherwise its excess may distract you and create unnecessary hurdles in the path of success. You may also think of getting into some illegitimate relations, but try to avoid this completely. As far as your financial life is concerned, the whole year is favorable for that and you will get the result of your efforts. Overall, the time is favorable, just there is a need to follow certain precautions.

Family Life

Stars are showing some problems in family life, but they will not be able to affect your relations with family members in any manner. Your married life will remain great as long as you continue to obey him/her, otherwise problems may occur. But, there is no need to worry because soon everything will turn in your favor. Although, Saturn is placed in seventh house, but this is a Yogakaraka planet for you. This Saturn may create minor hurdles, but much losses will not be there. Your relations may not remain very harmonious with mother and some health problems are also possible to her, so take care. This year is likely to remain good for your father, a good rapport will remain between the two of you. You are advised to take care of the relationship of your spouse and mother because some indications of problems are there between them. But, everything will be all right between your father and spouse. Overall, your love and patience would be required for a good family life, so take care of your relations.


Generally, your health remains good and you will enjoy it this year also. Your weight is likely to increase a bit, as you may consume more of heavy food items after August 2016. You are advised to develop a habit of regular exercise. Because, chances of problem in stomach, intestine, knees, headache, and pain in eyes is possible this year, and it will greatly help in reducing them. It will also help in preventing drowsiness. After all, the foremost pleasure is, a healthy body

Financial Status

This year, your financial situation will remain normal. But, you will get some great profits after August. Your sources of income and efficiency of doing work, both will increase. Profits will also come from share market. But, before August, consider this sector as non-existing. Control your expenses and don’t be emotional. The amount of income will increase, so there is nothing to worry about. Overall, the time is looking favorable, only your intellect would be required while taking some major financial decisions.


Time will give very average results to servicemen. Conspiracies may occur against you at workplace. Someone may try to harm your image with false allegations, so stay alert. You may also think of leaving your job. You are advised to avoid any kind of dispute with senior officials, otherwise relations may worsen. Government employees are advised to stay extra cautious, as chances of losses are higher for them.


This year will remain generally favorable for businessmen. Profit may come from many sources. Those who are into business with their wives will gain maximum benefit. But, cautiousness would also be required in financial matters. Time may not give much favor to those who pay interest on funds, but things will improve for them after the month of August. Others may also face some difficulties, but financial instability will not come.

Sexual Life

This year, sensuousness may overpower your thoughts. You will also enjoy these activities a lot. But, married couples may not get much satisfaction in their relationship. They are advised to spend some time with their partner for overcoming these drawbacks, this is the best way to get the satisfaction you are craving for. Avoid indulging with someone else. Your unethical relations may increase, but try to avoid them as much as possible. Sexual desires may also increase, so control yourself.

Days Of Caution

In the measures of caution, you are requested to control your behavior and avoid taking major decisions when Moon will transit to Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Stay calm when Mars will transit to Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo. The time of March 19 to April 3 and September 12 to October 10 is the time to avoid major financial or domestic decisions, so take care. Apart from these, time will remain in your favor.

Minor ups & downs, some hardships and favors, you will experience them all in the year 2016. Your relations will remain good with life-partner. But, only this would not be enough for a harmonious family life, this time you also need to take care of your spouse’s relations with other family members. Try to maintain a balance between relations at home, otherwise unnecessary tensions may arise. Your health may remain a bit weak. Regular exercise and healthy diet are the only ways that can help in overcoming different health problems. You are advised to avoid taking money on debt in any situation. As the inflow of funds is also going to reduce a bit, so control expenses as much as possible. Some great benefits are likely to come for businessmen, and some tempting illegal tihngs might attract. As far as your love life is concerned, you will enjoy it a lot and spend quality time with your sweetheart. Overall, if minor flaws are ignored, you will experience the goodness of time.

Family Life

Stars are bringing good news that you will enjoy your family life this year. Everyone will support and you will spend quality time with family members. Your relations will also remain harmonious with life-partner. Minor disputes are possible, but any major problem will not be there. His/her suggestion can also prove to be of great help. Your relations will remain great with mother. She will give her support and her health will also improve after August. Some ideological differences may occur with father, but they will not last for long. He will also get success in his work. You are advised to take care of the relationship of your spouse and family members, because some indications of problems are there between them. You will be able to handle all the situations very nicely and your reputation will increase among family members. Minor disputes are possible with relatives, but it will not affect you much. Overall, auspiciousness will prevail at home.


This year you might face some health problems, but right precautions and cures will help in staying fit. If major-period of Saturn is there, more caution would be required. Problems in shoulders, genitals, throat or liver may occur, so take care. Backache may also disturb you. Regular exercise and proper diet are the only ways to avoid such problems, so follow them to stay fit and healthy.

Financial Situation

This year is looking average for your financial situation. You may have to try hard for getting the desired results. But, there is no need to worry because chances of any major loss are also not there. A bit of extra caution would be required this year in all the financial matters. Along with the caution, control your expenses and avoid wastage of money. If possible, delay plans of buying an expensive item for some time. Avoiding show-offs will also help a lot. A balance would be required between your earnings and spendings. Same kinds of situations will also prevail at workplace. Overall, your caution and intellect will help in minimising the bad effects of this situation.


This year is generally favorable for servicemen, but more auspicious results will come after August. Your communication skills and work, both will get appreciation. Your sarcasm might affect people. You may insult someone out of arrogance, but ignore this completely, otherwise problems will increase. Natives related to media and engineering will enjoy a favorable time. You will enjoy a great amount of success this year, so enjoy the upcoming time.


Businessmen will take full advantage of this time. They will enjoy some great benefits this year. But, some wrong deeds are also possible by them for gaining success. Sources of income will increase. Those who earn money as interest on funds will also get some good benefits. Businessmen related to the field of education will perform great. Time is also ready to give some auspicious results to lawyers.

Love Relationships

Generally, you people are of romantic nature. This year will also fill your bag with fruits of love. But, you need to sacrifice the habit of changing partners again and again. Just stick to the one you love, time will definitely give you favorable results. Express your love to the fullest. This year is favorable and there is no need to take any kind of stress. Just relax and enjoy your love life.

Sexual Life

Sensuality remains high in you, generally. But, you enjoy it more within your mind than in real. This year some problems may come in your sexual life. However, the good thing is that they will not last for long. Some caution would be required because extramarital affairs can create problems this time.

Days Of Caution

Avoid taking major decisions whenever Moon will transit to Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn. This should also be done in the duration from April 30 to July 16 and from August 25 to September 19. Avoid anger and disputes whenever Sun will transit to Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

 Cancerians, this year in 2016, caution may be required in every field; but you will also get equally rewarding results for your efforts. Your relations will remain good with the life partner and you will enjoy your personal life. But, there would be a need to work on relations with other family members. Your health may also remain a matter of concern, take care of it. As far as your financial life is concerned, your presence of mind and intellect would be required to increase the amount of funds. You are advised not to trust anyone blindly in these matters, otherwise harm is possible to your accumulated funds. Also, stay alert from your business partners, as chances of controversies are there against you. Those who are in job will get some good chances of growth. Either they will get a better job oppurtunity or a promotion in the existing one. You may fall for someone, if you are single, and your relations will improve, if you are already committed. At last, you are advised to restrain your libido for a better sexual life.

Family Life

Usually, it is believed that the married life of Cancerians do not remain very easy, and the major reason behind this is that Saturn is the prime enemy of Moon. Stars are indicating that you may have to face some domestic problems this year also. But, it is also important to mention here that you will behave in a more matured manner and solve all of them with ease. You will not create any problem by yourself, but the reason behind them would be your other family members. Some unnecessary hurdles may also come your way, but you will not let this affect your relations with other family members. You are advised to stay extra cautious after August. Life-partner will support and your relationship will also remain good. You will come closer to each other after the month of August and spend some quality time together. Overall, time is a bit weak regarding family matters, but you will face it with courage and patience.


Ups and downs may come in your health this year, some precautions would be required to maintain good health. You need to take extra care of your eyes, stomach, thighs, digestion, and veins, as the chances of problems related to them are higher. You are also advised to take only Ayurvedic medicines for curing health problems, as it will create no side effect and will also suit your body type. You can also take a spoon of Neem powder with warm water for preventing other problems

Financial Life

This year will provide some great profits and you will enjoy your strong financial condition. But, it doesn’t mean that cautiousness is not required at all. In fact, you need to be extra cautious for avoiding all the conspiracies against you. This is not an appropriate time to trust anyone blindly. Prepare a written note for every money exchange, don’t trust on anybody’s words. A little of carelessness may produce harm, so avoid that. So, stay cautious and don’t produce harm for your funds with your own actions.


This year is going to be great for servicemen. You will get some great opportunities for job change, for getting promotion or your dream job. You will also make the best of every chance with your presence of mind and intellect. The lord of sixth house is aspecting both sixth and tenth house. It is also in conjunction with Rahu which may create minor problems, but you will solve them with ease. Disputes with lower class workers may harm your reputation. So, you are advised to avoid it completely. You will do a lot of hard work this time for getting success which will further increase the favors of time.


Businessmen are also heading towards the right track of success and profits. Time is highly favorable for you and you are likely to gain benefits from almost every direction. Your fame and reputation will increase in society. Time is going to be highly favorable for those who are going through the major period of Jupiter. Others will also gain the benefits of time, but not upto that extent. You will take the maximum advantage of time, but the only advice for you is to avoid arrogance. Doing this will double up the margin of profit for you.

Love Relationships

This year, you will enjoy your love life. You will be deeply in love and experience some new feelings. You may fall for an elder person. But, caution would also be required because Saturn is the lord of eighth house which may affect the result of your love life. But, it is not the time to think much or negative. Just, enjoy the company of your sweetheart and let your love life blossom.

Sexual Life

This year, you will get mixed results in sexual life. Sometimes, you will enjoy your sexual life, sometimes you may face some problems, or sometimes your sexual desires might increase greatly. But, overall, you may not feel fully satisfied in this dimension of life. As Ketu is transiting in your eighth house, males may experience some problem in genitals and females in menstruation. Your sexual desires may increase and you may also try to make relations out of your married life. But, you are advised to avoid this because it may lead to distraction or any disease is also possible. Time will definitely give favorable results if you will control your feeling and act with patience.

Days Of Caution

As the important days of precautions, avoid doing any investment from April 17 to June 29. From July 25 to September 6, 2016 is an important time to maintain good relations with friends and relatives. Show-off or big-mouthed attitude should also be avoided in this duration. Apart from this, stay calm and don’t take any decision in a hurry whenever Moon will come to Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Lions, the upcoming year 2016 is ready to give you some great rewards. You will get positive results from most of the things and enjoy the goodness of time. This time will create a good influence on all the spheres of your life. You will enjoy your relations with friends and family. Personal life will also remain great and your life-partner will support. Heavy food items and alcohol should be avoided this year because health problems related to weight gain may create trouble. If we talk about your financial situation, improvement will be visible and your funds will increase. Businessmen and those who are in job will enjoy these financial benefits. Your reputation will improve at workplace. Seniors will praise your efforts and your name as well as fame will increase. You will enjoy your love life a lot. Marriage proposals are likely to come for those who are unmarried and looking for a mate. You will also enjoy a lot of sexual pleasures. Overall, the time is favorable, just give your best to recieve the best.

Family Life

This year will give some highly favorable results and you will enjoy your family life a lot. You will face every difficult situation with courage and patience. Your intellect and behavior will get appreciated among family members. Your life-partner will support a lot in every sphere of life. Although, Rahu will come to Leo, but any problem will not be there. Your rapport will also remain good with father and he may also support financially. There is a need to be extra patient in your relationship with mother. You both may not be able to understand each other’s point of view, but this problem will also not last for long. Your coordination will remain great with friends and siblings. Some profits are also likely to come from them. There is only need to control your anger and arrogance, otherwise some losses may occur. Your siblings may ask for some financial help this year. Time is also good for your relations with in-laws, they will improve this year. So, overall the time is in your favor, make the most of it.


Your health will generally remain good. Minor weather related problems are possible, but they will be cured easily. Your mentality may create some problems after January 31, but anything major will not be there, then also take care. Also, avoid excess of butter, Ghee (purified butter), and sweets because chances of increase in weight are there. Perform regular exercise and eat a healthy diet, otherwise you will invite problems by yourself.

Financial Situation

Your financial situation will remain good. Hurdles of your path will decrease. You will remain hard working and money will also keep coming. So, there is no need to change your daily routine. The speed of profits will further increase after August 11. Quantity of funds will also increase in bank accounts and they will grow with a rapid pace. Overall, time is looking totally in your favor for financial matters. Just take care not to believe anyone blindly.


This year is ready to give favorable results to servicemen. You will get appreciation, support of seniors and all the facilities which were awaited from a long time. You would be able to complete all the tasks before the deadline. A good opportunity or a high paying job can also come your way. If major-period of Jupiter is there, excess of benefits are likely to come. Just keep doing your best and you will get the best in return.


This is going to be a great year for your business growth. You will earn a great amount of fund. You will see expansion and improvement in business. You will get these benefits as per your birth-chart, but the margin or profit will increase rapidly after August. This time may not give much fruitful results to property dealers. You will earn with stock-market after August 11. If lottery is not banned in your state, you can also try your luck for small amounts. Overall, a great time for business.

Love Relationship

Your love will provide lots of pleasures. If you are in love and unmarried, possibilities of get married are very high. The three major elements of love that are peace, love and understanding will remain in your relationship. A great coordination will remain between you and your life partner. You will behave nicely with your sweetheart and he/she will also support you in every matter. Time is also good for proposing your love interest.

Sexual Life

It is believed that generally you feel very excited about sex. This year also, you will fully enjoy the physical pleasures. Not only you will feel energised, but you will also get support from life partner. You will feel satisfied in your personal actions. Your desires and actions, both will increase after August 11, 2016.

Days Of Caution

Avoid travelling when Moon will transit to Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, also stay calm and avoid taking big decisions. Avoid taking major decisions from January 28 to February 15, 2016. You are required to stay cautious when Mars will stay in Leo, Aquarius or Pisces. Avoid buying anything expensive or internet shopping, also stay away from share-market from March 28 to April 12, 2016.

Virgos, the upcoming year 2016 is bringing a platter of different flavors for you. Some of them are going to be sweet, but some may also remain sour. Your relations may not remain as cordial with life-partner as they should be. Problems are also possible with other family members. Avoid ego and arrogance, and put some extra efforts to make things work. Also, take good care of your health, because your carelessness may become a reason for different health troubles. For you, Jupiter is posited in the twelfth house, it is an indicator of financial loss, so take care. Don’t take any financial decision carelessly, also take the suggestions of elders or more experienced people for preventing any loss. Virgo natives may feel the maximum influence of upcoming time. Time may also remain a bit weak for businessmen, they might not get much profits before the month of August. But, things will improve tremendously after that. So, don’t lose hope in any situation, just keep on giving your best, you will surely get highly favorable results in future.

Family Life

This year, stars are showing minor up and downs in your domestic life. Temporary problems may arise, but they will get resolved with time. The reasons of your problems would be reduction in mutual understanding and work pressure, so try to avoid them as much as possible. Don’t mix your personal and professional life, otherwise you may not be able to handle any of them properly. Special caution would be required from your side, because small things may turn into big ones. Give your best to reduce the differences between you and your life-partner, avoid the situations of disputes completely. Minor ideological differences may occur with parents, but overall your relation will remain good with them. You are advised to stay calm while explaining your point of view. Disputes may arise with brothers or siblings, so try to avoid such situations. The good thing is that these bad situations will not last for long. Things will improve at a rapid pace after August 11, 2016. After this, things will automatically turn in your favor, so maintain calm and patience till then.


Stars are indicating that time is a bit weak for your health, you need to take extra care this time. Special attention would be required till August 11, 2016. Some mental complications may also be there along with physical problems. You may face some problems related to throat, face, digestion and intestines. Gastric troubles may also disturb you a bit. You are requested to exercise regularly and eat the right diet to avoid such problems. Stay alert if any chronic illness is there. Don’t take these problems lightly and visit to a doctor whenever necessary.

Financial Situation

Time is looking a bit weak regarding financial matters. The stars are indicating that financial losses may come your way. Jupiter is one of the significator planet of wealth and its arrival in twelfth house is creating possibilities of financial losses. Someone closer may try to cheat you. So, stay cautious, don’t believe anyone blindly and give money only after doing the proper paperwork. Losses may come from an elder and trustworthy person, so take care. Cautiousness would be required in every financial matter this time.


Not a single planet is aspecting tenth house and this is favorable for you. People related to media will gain benefits, either they will get promotion or salary increment. Your progress will remain normal before August, but after that its graph will increase tremendously. You will get name and fame at workplace. Seniors will also provide the desired support. This will help in further enhancing your capabilities. So, overall this year will give favorable results regarding job.


Businessmen will also get success after August 11, 2016. If period of Jupiter or Saturn is there, maintain patience till August and avoid doing any big investment. Think about the different options of accumulating money. This path will become more clear after August. It would also be better to avoid a big partnership till then. More caution would be required till the month of August, so avoid taking major financial decisions till then.

Love Relationships

This year your love life will remain great. You will get success in establishing new bonds. Those who are already in relationship will also enjoy a lot. Doubts may create problems for your relationship, so avoid them. Don’t let any doubt come in between you two, specially till the time of August. Try to keep your partner happy, also stay away from all kinds of negativity. Your little attention and time can do wonders for your love life. Plan some outings and trips with your sweetheart and enjoy the best of love. Give your partner the required attention, doing this will automatically turn things in your favor.

Sexual Life

If we look at the whole year, you will enjoy your sexual life. You will enjoy quality time with your partner. Although, sometimes you may experience minor problems in genitals or feel excessively lethargic, but overall the time is favorable. Your sexual desires will increase and you will get pleasures out of them. You are advised to avoid immoral relations after August, otherwise problems are possible. Also, don’t let your sexual desires overpower your love, otherwise misunderstandings may occur.

 The upcoming year 2016 is bringing a fabulous mix of events for you. Minor problems may come in every sphere of life, but you will face them with courage and come out as a winner. If you live in a joint family, more caution would be required, as some indications of disturbances are there. But, things will remain smooth in nuclear ones. Try to increase the quotient of trust between you and your life-partner. Don’t lie to him/her and also listen to him/her carefully. Some problems are also possible from children. The time will give some special rewards to those who are in job, they will get promotion, salary hike, and many other professional benefits. But, businessmen may have to try hard to gain the desired results. Situations might deteriorate further after August 11, but there is no need to worry, your efforts will help you keep going. Caution would be required while spending money. Also, take care while exchanging money and try to keep a written proof of everything. As far as your love life is concerned, you will spend a lot of time with your sweetheart, but mutual-coordination may remain missing. Try to maintain it as much as possible and also don’t ignore other important things for your love life. You will enjoy physical pleasures a lot, but don’t ignore your health.

Family Life

Saturn is YogaKaraka and it will create its own impacts. This year is going to bring a roller-coaster ride for you. Stars are indicating decrease in mutual coordination among family members, due to which differences may increase between them. Don’t get disheartened in this situation, instead act mature and try to resolve all the matters as soon as possible. Possibilities of disputes are also there in married life. Relations will remain good with parents, but overall the situation of domestic life is a bit weak. Your mother’s interference is likely to increase in your personal life, which may create problems. In this situation you are required to maintain a balance in every relation, because this may continue for the whole of year. Disputes may occur with children and their health may also remain weak, so take care. Overall, the year looking a journey of good and bad. It will help you in growing as a person and learning new things. But, decency and maturity would also be required from your side.


This year is looking very average for your health. Any big problem would not be there, but small ones may disturb you this time. You may experience problems in eyes, headache, and pain in knees. Develop some healthy habits like regular exercise and good diet for avoiding such problems. You can also go for regular body massage. This year special care would be required for your feet, as chances of problems are higher for them. Some small precautions can do wonders for you, so follow them and stay happy & fit.

Financial Situation

Arrival of Saturn in second house, and Jupiter - the significator of wealth on the axis of Rahu and Ketu are not giving very good indications. A lot of caution would be required because losses may occur due to any wrong investment decision, haste, or mistrusting others. You need to understand everything properly before finalising any deal. Over-confidence and proud may also become reasons for your loss. But, if you work in the right direction and work hard, things will definitely improve. Situation of planets are a bit weak, so avoid careless attitude completely. Just keep on giving your best and see the things turning in favor.


Lord of sixth house, Jupiter is posited between Rahu and Ketu and aspected by Saturn, but it is still in a position of generating profits. This implies that any loss will not come your way. Jupiter and Rahu will remain at a considerable distance and peace will remain till their distance will decrease a lot. Favorable situations will remain at workplace and you will keep on getting the support of both seniors and juniors. Chances of salary increment and job change are very high.

Everything is in favor, but then also you are advised to stay restrained and behave decent with everyone, specially after August 11, 2016. This will help a lot in gaining benefits.


This New Year will test your business skills as well as allow you to learn many new things. You have to think wisely and deeply for maintaining the flow of regular profits. It would also be good to take the advice of more experienced and senior people before taking any major decision. A small mistake can bring losses for you, so stay cautious. Time is not appropriate for giving money on debt. Trusting anyone blindly may also become the reason of loss because it is very likely that your friends and partners may try to cheat you. Maintain a written proof of every money exchange. If major period of Jupiter is there, chances of loss or expense may increase after August 11, 2016. This experience will remain good for your future, but caution would be required this time.

Love Relationships

Time has come to discuss about the love-birds. We would like to mention here that this time will test the patience of your love. You may have to try hard to keep your partner happy. Her/his demands may disturb you a bit, but you have to act with patience for increasing the factor of goodness. Some misunderstandings or doubts may also occur in your mind regarding your sweetheart, but they will resolve soon. After all, ups and downs are also important in love for testing its intensity. You are also advised not to take any decision in a haste.

Sexual Life

This year will let you enjoy lots of sexual pleasures. But, as excess of everything is bad, avoid its excess, some health issues may occur otherwise. Take it as a warning that time before August 11 is not at all suitable for extramarital affairs. Chances of defamation are there, so strictly avoid them. You are also advised not to get into a physical relationship with an unknown person.

Days Of Caution

In days of caution, avoid taking major decisions whenever Moon will transit to Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. Avoid starting any new work if major, sub or sub-sub-period of Jupiter or Saturn is there or if they are in a combust or retrograde position for you. Also, don’t take any kind of risk from April 17 to July 13.

Overall, the upcoming year will remain favorable. But, you need to take care of your personal relationships. Try to maintain a good coordination with life partner, ups and downs may come, but you will face them with courage. Don’t lose your patience and hope even in the worst times. Your parents, especially father, will support a lot. Behavior of your children may disturb you a bit. As far as your professional life is concerned this year, there is no place for laziness and lethargy. Avoid them completely, because they will not let you use your talent to the fullest and some unnecessary losses are also possible due to them. The time till August is a bit weak for making investments. If you have to make any, do it after August. Also, completely avoid doubting your partner and maintain patience in your love relationship till then. Some extra-marital affairs are possible, but you are advised to avoid them completely, otherwise defamation is possible.

Family Life

Scorpions, there is a reason for you to smile, because this year is looking highly favorable for your domestic life. A little ups and downs will come, but they will also do good for your relations. You will enjoy the company of friends and siblings, your relations will improve and they will support you unconditionally. Minor problems which may arise in your personal life, they all will disappear after the month of August. So, auspiciousness is spreading all around. But, you are advised to talk to your mother with calm. Chances of problems are there between you two, but you will resolve them all. Your father will support in every matter and harmonious relations will prevail between the two of you. Happiness will come from children and they will make you feel proud, just keep a check on their behavior. Also, try to keep your partner happy, he/she will also support you, but your efforts will add the pleasures to your married life. Overall, your calm and patience will help in maintaining good relationships, so instead of judging others, work on yourself.


Good news is that there is not any major health issue for you this year. There is only need to take care of your laziness, as you may feel lazy in your daily routine. This may also make you delay some of your important tasks. Your disposition will remain a bit grumpy, try to control it a bit, otherwise problems will increase. You may face some problems in stomach, heart, and feet shank, so take care.

Financial Life

The lord of your second house is Jupiter and this year it will stay with Rahu for a long duration. It is believed that the basic nature of Rahu is to produce losses and it also contributes a lot in false doings. Therefore, it is more appropriate to sustain your funds, don’t take any financial risk this time. Jupiter will move ahead of Rahu from August 11, this is a good time to try your luck, so make investments and try to take advantages from share market as well. If sub-sub-period or sub-period of Jupiter is there, profits will definitely come your way. Time is ready to give some great results to you after August.


Position of Rahu in tenth house and its conjunction with Jupiter may not produce very good results for job. But, stay positive because bad times always give a learning experience. Just avoid your arrogance and headstrong behavior, as it may put you in trouble. Don’t do anything which may harm your reputation. You have to control your furious emotions till August, otherwise it will unnecessary invite losses for you. Disputes are possible with a senior official at workplace, but try to avoid this as much as possible. Your patience will only help in overcoming such weak situation, so maintain that.



You will earn a good amount of income this year. Earnings are also possible from some illegal sources, but try to avoid this, otherwise it may create some problem in future. You are likely produce good income with low level products, so it would be better to focus on them. Many of your works will get accomplished with the help of friends and dear ones. Time will remain a bit weak for your relationship with business partner, disputes are possible with him/her and he/she may also try to cheat on you.

Love Relationships

This journey of love will show you some ups and downs, but keep in mind that an up always comes after a down. Time may test your patience, but don’t lose it because it is a matter of someone special. Time is extremely good after the month of August. But, till then you are requested to maintain harmonious relationship with your sweetheart. Try to keep him/her happy and don’t let any misunderstanding come in between you two. Just take some extra care till the time of August and enjoy your love.

Sexual Life

Your sexual life will remain great, you will enjoy sexual activities a lot this year. These relationships will also remain beneficial for you. Extra marital affairs will also let you enjoy sexual pleasures. You may also develop an interest regarding unnatural actions.

Days Of Caution

Avoid travelling whenever Moon will come to Gemini. Avoid taking big decisions when Moon will come to Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Don’t take any big decision, make any big investment, purchase anything new or make any deal from 1st to 20th January, 7th March to 6th April, 1st to 17th May, 25th June to 20th July, 7th to 18th September, 8th October to 21st November and from 22nd December 2016 to 5th January 2017.

The upcoming time will bring mixed results to you. Some health problems, financial or business related problems are possible, but the good thing is that they will not be able to stay for long. You will easily resolve them with your intellect and presence of mind. Disputes or ideological differences are possible with family members and friends. Don’t let them increase beyond a limit. You may experience problems like body stiffness and infections due to polluted food. This time you have to take care of your diet and avoid heavy food items as much as possible. Those who are in job will enjoy this year a lot, they will get some great benefits like promotion, salary increment, and new job oppurtunities. The auspiciousness of time will further increase after the month of August. All will remain smooth for businessmen, but they are advised to stay alert from cheatings and frauds. Overall, the financial situation is looking good, so there is no need to take much stress. Just keep on doing your best and stay away from illegal activities.

Family life

Ups and downs may come in your family life. You may face both good and bad kinds of time. Your relations will remain great with mother, she will support in every matter. And her love will become an inspiration for you to move ahead. You will enjoy your married life as well. Your happy married life will greatly help in reducing work stress. You will enjoy the company of life-partner and children. Minor disputes are possible with brothers, so control your behavior in every situation. Well, it is important to mention here that it is not necessary for all, because everyone will get results according to his/her birth-chart. Losses may be on a higher side for those who are going through the major-period of Ketu. People who are going through the Saturn’s major period are also advised to stay cautious. Relations will remain very normal with father. Disputes and agreements, both will happen with him. But, things will improve further after August. You will see improvement in your every relation.


Stars are indicating that some health problems are possible this time. You are required to follow some precautions to avoid such problems. Regular exercise and healthy diet are a must to follow this year. Chances of problems like muscle tightness, blood related problems and contaminated food-borne diseases are higher. Any liver related problem may also disturb you. For avoiding this, you are advised to avoid heavy food items. Take care of your eyes because either you may have to wear glasses or your number may increase. Your self-confidence may also remain a bit low, so work on that.

Financial Situation

This time is looking a bit weak for your financial situation. That means extra cautiousness would be required from your side, and specially for those who are going through the period of Saturn. Your accumulated funds may decrease this time. So, spend wisely and don’t take any financial risk. Don’t give your money to anyone without any written proof. And also don’t trust anyone blindly, otherwise you may have to face the consequences. If major-period of Jupiter is there on you, stay extra cautious. Someone may also try to create your fake signature, so don’t pass any document without proper verification.


This year is going to be amazing for those who are in a job. You will gain special benefits after August. Benefits will come in every way like promotion, salary increment, and new better job opportunities. Your senior officials will support you a lot. Your performance will remain great and impress others. Only a little cautiousness would be required before the month of August. Don’t do anything which may harm your reputation or become a reason of defamation among seniors. Avoid disputes and arguments with colleagues and seniors in every situation.


This year may give very average results to businessmen. You are required to take all the important decisions very carefully. A little of carelessness may produce losses, and you are smart enough to understand business matters, so stay cautious. You are advised not to indulge in any illegal activity in any situation, otherwise you may invite the losses by yourself. Don’t do anything which may bring defamation for you.

Love Relationships

This year is very normal for love relationships. Things will remain smooth. Any big problem will not come your way. But, cautiousness would be required from your side. Don’t let doubts and misunderstandings come in between your relationship. Time may remain a bit unfavorable till August. So, avoid arguments and stay cautious in this duration as much as possible.

Sexual Life

Your sexual life will remain great. You will enjoy physical pleasures a lot. Your sexual desires may also increase a lot. Getting into some immoral activities for sexual satisfaction is also possible. You may get a chance of getting into physical relationship with a heretic or widow. At last, you are advised to restrain your libido and behave decent, otherwise problems will increase.

Days Of Caution

Avoid taking major decisions and stay calm whenever Moon will reside in Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. If any controversy will arise, try to avoid it as much as possible. Apart from these, don’t buy anything new or invest anywhere from May 15 to May 20, July 16 to August 15, November 16 to December 17, 2016.

Capricorns, you will enjoy the favors of time, but certain caution would also be required in some matters like your family life and health. Chances of probelms are there in your personal life. Everything may not remain very cordial between your spouse and family members. You need to handle everything very carefully because your dear ones are involved in this matter. Control your speech and don’t speak anything without giving a proper thought. Avoid taking work stress, as it will not do any good, but will become a reason for headache and other health problems. Indigestion is also possible, so take care of your diet. Those who are in job, their efficiency will increase and they will get appreciation and promotion at workplace. Some better job oppurtunities are also likely to come for them. Businessmen will get new oppurtunities of gaining profits or any government contract. Overall, the time is favorable, you need to work hard to get the best out of it.

Family Life

Situations at family life may give you an experience of a roller coaster ride. Twist & turns and ups & downs, you are going to face them all this year. Relations will remain good with parents, but you have to keep a check on your behavior with brothers. Some unnecessary disputes are possible, so try to avoid them as much as possible. Don’t let these mental complications affect your social and professional life. You also need to work on your relationship with life-partner, give more love and time to your spouse to make it even better. Apart from these, speak in a polite manner and don’t let your words hurt anyone. You will be able to come out from every problem with your abilities and intellect. Your patience will also help in getting out the best from your relations, so don’t lose it in any situation. Everything else will remain favorable, family members will favor and support you in crucial times.


The upcoming time is indicating that you may have to take extra care of your health, as it is the real wealth. Any major problem will not come your way, but the areas in which more caution would be required are indigestion, headache, problem in eyes, kidney, liver and mental complications. Avoid stress and try to stay happy as much as possible. Increase the intake of water and green vegetables. Also, try to maintain a regular exercise schedule or at least walk for half an hour a day for good health

Financial Situation

Some problems may come your way regarding financial matters, but overall this year will remain favorable for your growth. The position of Rahu and Ketu in second house is giving indications of minor losses. The reason of their occurrence would be increased expenses, manipulation from friends or someone’s criminal intentions. But, this is not at all necessary for all the natives, because everyone will get results as per his/her birth-chart. Chances of losses are a bit higher if anyone is going through the period of Ketu or if Ketu is the significator of bad houses in anyone’s birth chart. In this situation you are advised to avoid taking major decisions for some time. Others will not get any harm, so there is no need to take any stress. Time will give favors to you and your financial situation will improve, if you are going through the period of Saturn.


This year is ready to give some highly favorable results to servicemen. Your efficiency, fame, and respect will increase at workplace. The chances of getting a new and better job are also very high. All your job related wishes will get fulfilled. If sub-period of Jupiter and Rahu is there, it may bring some problems. But, if major-period of Saturn or any other planet is there, the speed of profits will increase tremendously.


Time is also going to be highly auspicious for businessmen. You will gain some great benefits. Profits will come for you in every situation. If period of Ketu, Jupiter, or Rahu is there and if they are not the significator of auspicious house for you, then caution would be required. You may get some new business partners. Business expansion will take place and you may get some new government contracts. You may also get some financiers for your work. Overall, the time is highly favorable, make the most of it.

Love Relationship

Generally, it is believed that you people are not very romantic, but your romantic quotient will increase this time. Those who are in a relationship will enjoy it to the fullest. And, those who are looking for a partner will get the desired one. You are only advised not to hide your feelings. Don’t just keep thinking within your mind, like most Saturn dominated natives usually does. Instead communicate and express your thoughts, you will surely get positive results.

Sexual Life

This year, your sexual desires and activities are will increase a lot. You may remain indulge in some unnatural activities. Your interest will increase in sex. You may also look for a partner outside marriage. But, try to avoid this and take care as possibilities of defamation are also there. Problems may occur if you will not follow a decent behavior.

Days Of Caution

Days of caution is presenting some special tips to you and these are: avoid traveling whenever Moon will transit to Leo. Don’t take any major decision whenever Moon will transit to Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Here is the list of some important dates in which big decisions, investments, purchasing and important deals should be avoided: from January 1 to January 20, from March 7 to April 6, from May 1 to May 17, from June 25 to July 20, from September 7 to September 19, from October 8 to November 21, 2016 and from December 22, 2016 to January 5, 2017. So, take care.

This year is ready to give plenty of benefits. You will enjoy a lot and get the best out of time. Minor problems may come, but overall you will get the goodness. The year is a bit sensitive for domestic matters; you need to handle them carefully. Your involvement can reduce these problems, but ignorance may increase them, so take care. Couples who are looking for separation will also do it peacefully. But, the good thing is that transit of Jupiter in seventh house will help in improving things. You may face some problems related to genitals and mind. Your financial situation will remain great, many benefits are likely to come your way. Friends will also support physically as well as financially. But, excess of generosity should be avoided. This is a good time for experimenting something new in business, you will get success in your efforts and business expansion is also possible. Servicemen will get fame, respect, and appreciation at workplace. Love relationships will remain normal and your efforts will make it even better. Overall, all your endeavors will produce positive results, so keep on doing your best.

Family Life

Your family life will remain great. You will enjoy the good times with your family members. They will love and support you unconditionally. You will remain peaceful and handle all day to day problems with calm. There is not any indication of disputes or arguments with family members. Although, Rahu will come to the seventh house, but Jupiter will also remain there till August due to which happiness will prevail in your married life. Minor disputes are possible after the month of August, so anger and arrogance should be strictly avoided. Your relations will remain good with parents. You will fulfill all their desires and they will also show a great support. Relatives will also support a lot and help in accomplishment of an important task. They will also help in getting solution of a complicated task. All will remain in your favor, so there is no need to take any stress regarding the family life. Just, avoid anger and impulse, everything else will automatically come in favor.


This year is looking great for your health, any major health related problem will not come your way. But, caution would be required after the month of August, as some problems related to genitals and mental complications are possible. If you will take proper precautions, minor problems like headache, indigestion, and pain in eyes can be avoided. You are advised to increase the intake of water and avoid smoking and drinking completely. Develop some healthy habits and enjoy the best of health in 2016

Financial Situation

This year, your financial situation is looking good, but certain precautions would also be required. First of all, you have to take care to avoid profuse, don’t give your money to anyone unless it is very urgent. Also, avoid wastage of money completely because it comes after a lot of hard work. More caution would be required till the month of August, so don’t give money to anyone on debt. There are some good chances of gaining profits from friends. Wealth will come to you, but it may not stay for long, so take care. Overall, time is good, but you need to do some efforts to make it even better.


This year is highly favorable for servicemen. Benefits will come for you from every direction. Those who are going through the period of Saturn, they will enjoy the favors of time for the upcoming three to four years. Those who are having the period of Jupiter, minor problems are possible for them, but they will definitely gain some benefits. Problems may come for those who are going through the period of Ketu. But, generally this year is suitable for all the natives. Good chances of promotion and salary increment are there for all.


This year is going to produce some special benefits for businessmen. Those who are going through the period of Saturn will gain maximum profit. Those who are going through the period of Ketu, they may not be able to enjoy much favor of time. But, then also money will come in a good amount for them. Minor disputes are possible with business partner after the month of August, but try to avoid them and maintain transparency in your relationship.

Love Relationship

This year, the situations of love life will remain very normal. Some other work commitments may not let you enjoy the moments of love to the fullest. Time is highly favorable for those who want to confess their feelings. The time is advising you to maintain as much transparency and honesty as possible, otherwise problems may increase after the month of August.

Sexual Life

This year, you will enjoy the pleasures of sexual life. Sexual desires may increase. Avoid getting into any extramarital affair, otherwise defamation may occur. Also, try to control your feelings as much as possible. Overall, behave decently and restraint your libido.

Days Of Caution

Avoid any big investment from April 30 to July 13 and from September 12 to October 10, 2016. If you are going through the major-period of Jupiter, don’t start any new work. Also, don’t give your money on debt from January 8 to May 9, 2016. Whenever Moon will come to Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, stay calm and avoid all the disputes.

 The upcoming year may give mixed results. You will get name and fame, but some complications will also be there. Your efforts would be required to turn the things in favor. If we start with your domestic life, it is does not look easy. You need to stay careful on your own level, so that all the problems can be avoided. Family members will support, but some unpleasant situations may come your way. Some health problems may also disturb like problems related to intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. Financial situation will remain normal throughout the year. Money will keep on coming with a normal pace, but its arrival will increase after the month of August. Businessmen will also gain some good profits after August. Those who are in job may have to face some problems at the initial stage, but later everything will turn favorable. This dimension of your life will remain very effective for you. You will experience the auspiciousness in your love life after the month of August, but it would be a bit difficult to get favorable results before that. Overall, you are advised to apply patience in every situation, because favorable results will surely come, but with some delay.

Family Life

This New Year is bringing some ups and downs in the domestic life of Pisceans. Special caution would be required till the month of August. Avoid anger and arrogance completely and try to maintain harmonious relationship with life-partner. Some situations of unnecessary disputes may occur, but you are requested to avoid them completely. The situations will improve after the month of August. You will see improvement in every relation. Your mother will support a lot, but minor ideological differences are possible with father, but they will be temporary and resolved with time. Just keep giving your best and don’t impose your thoughts on anybody, otherwise problems may increase. This time is demanding more of deliberation, patience, and love by your side. Maintain these three things and everything else will automatically turn in favor.


This year is looking very average for your health matters. More caution would be required till the month of August, as the chances of problems are higher till then. If you are going through the major-period of Jupiter, chances of health problems are higher. You may have to face the problems related to intestines, liver, kidneys, blood, etc. Try to take healthy diet and develop a habit of regular exercise, otherwise problems may increase. Also maintain your personal hygiene.

Financial Situation

Your financial situation will remain normal. You will be able to earn and accumulate the desired amount of money. Chances of an extra expense are also not there. Everything will remain smooth and favorable in financial matters. Money will come and stay. But, caution is also required till August, stay alert from any kind of cheating or fraud, because its chances are very high this time. This year you will purchase some new things and also save a good amount of money.


Some hurdles may come initially, but later the chances of success will increase tremendously. The time is in your favor. You may also get a new job this year. But, the thing which is to be kept in mind is not to leave your job until you get a new one. Because, it is very likely that it will take a lot of time in getting a new job. Everything else is looking in your favor. You will remain hardworking and your rapport will also increase at workplace.


This year will remain great for businessmen. They will gain some great profits after the month of August. Time is also favorable before August, but it will not produce much favors and a little of cautiousness would also be required. You are advised to not trust anyone blindly before the month of August. Some chances of cheating or fraud are there, so stay alert. Those who are going through the period of Saturn will get some extra favor of time. Just, give your best, work hard and enjoy the benefits.

Love Relationships

This year, your love relationship will remain normal. If you want to propose someone, we will advise you to wait till the mid of August, as the chances of getting favorable results will increase after that. It is also very likely that your interest may grow in an other person due to any dispute or misunderstanding. Your interests may keep on changing this time, but avoid its excess. We will advise you to avoid misunderstandings with your sweetheart and act with patience in every situation.

Sexual Life

This dimension of your life may not remain very good. Either you may not get much time for it or your interest may decrease. Physical weakness is also possible this time, which may not allow you to enjoy your sexual life. You may have to donate extra time for making your sexual relationships better. Overall, time is a bit weak, so give it best to make it work.

Days Of Caution

Time from March 25 to August 13, 2016 is not suitable for making any big investment, partnership or for taking big decisions. Avoid travelling whenever Moon will transit to Libra. Avoid negativity and stay calm whenever Moon will transit to Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

2016 Yearly Horoscope: aries


Your ruler, the rambunctious Mars with a takes-no-prisoners manner, zig zags through the houses of your chart in 2016. He pays special attention to personal growth, love and marriage, and the expansion of philosophy and just regular wandering around.

Mars begins the year making direct hits to the house of both one-on-one intimacy, and funds received from other people. He stays on a wild ride through that house for the first eight months of the year with an occasional peek into the house of philosophical thinking. Neptune is his silent partner, bringing a spiritual element to life... a kind of acceptance or "it is what it is" attitude.

Jupiter is in the house of the workplace and in this position gives you a sense of purpose, better working conditions, or possibly a new job with increased salary. Since this house is also connected to your health, Jupiter brings you more vitality and physical strength.

In September this lucky star moves into the house of marriage and improves on an already blooming love affair or your marriage. If you're single he has been known to bring that special person to the scene.


Mars has never been a team player and this year he is even more of a loner, with a story of his own to live out, and it's the tale of lust, lost love, and romantic wandering. An attached Aries could find their eyes roving at certain intervals during this year of sexy and dangerous romance. If single you are feeling the lucky vibrations and could do something totally out of character because your ruler is out of bounds, meaning he's thinking out of the box and believes anything is possible.

March hosts two eclipses and is a powerful month for you personally. The first is a Solar Eclipse on March 8th in Pisces, ruled by Neptune. We never really know what this savant with rose colored glasses will conjure up or if the feelings are authentic, but one thing is certain: It will be magical, and an experience that later could find itself in a memoir.

The second is a Lunar Eclipse in the partnership sign of Libra on March 23rd. This is almost always an emotional time, as an old issue or forgotten dream swims to the surface. The vibrations from an Eclipse last for six months and could slide right into Jupiter who moves into Libra in September along with two more eclipses.

Jupiter is the largest star in the heavens and means business, and you have feelings that want to be brought back to life. It could be that you are on a quest to find a special someone or their lookalike. This year, your ruler the warrior Mars is a lover and not a fighter and he is going to get a lot of help with all that loving along the way from his old friend Venus.

As if intimacy isn't already a priority in your life, Aries, when Venus saunters into the already hot Eighth House, you, the playful Ram, get serious. Venus forms an enticing trine to the September 16th Lunar Eclipse, and by mid-October, and it could be the beginning of the relationship you have been searching for.

As the end of the year approaches, you should feel like you finally have achieved the intimacy that you so deeply desire and this happiness adds a new dimension to your attractiveness.
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The good news is that Saturn, the architect of destiny, is quietly taking you to a career peak. He is near the Midheaven and within the next year or two you can expect to see the benefits of the diligence you have put into your career. You better understand the rules, your superiors are more aware of your particular talents, and you are concentrating on playing the game of life more skillfully.

The rebel Uranus has been in your sign for several years now and during this time you may have redefined your career. If you haven't, you formed a new attitude toward your work or have a new relationship with it. If you have stayed in the same position Uranus may have helped you find new responsibilities that offered different challenges.

Mars, your ruler, is also in the Ninth House and is out of bounds most of the year. This means that he is not only in an aggressive mood, but thinking out of the box more often than usual. He's going to cross the finish line to success before Saturn gets there and it's possible these two competitive stars are in a race of sorts (vying self-interests for you). They meet up in late August and compare notes, or possibly try to slow each other down.

Saturn is steady and stays the course while Mars at times may be trying to take the easy way/short cuts. March coincides with a Solar Eclipse that challenges the career timetable you've been working with, aka it possibly speeds it up.

Even the impatient among you Rams know what you have to do if you want to make a greater mark on the world, and the always competitive Aries wants exactly that. For now and for many years to come you have the sure and steady Pluto in the Tenth House of your career, holding the course. When you think long-term, this wily star is the hero of that scenario, giving you the energy and power to achieve that goal you've long been after achieving.

2016 Yearly Horoscope: taurus


The Fifth House, that place of daring but light-hearted love, creativity, sports, and -- yes -- children, is your key to happiness this upcoming year. The always sultry Taurus has an inner bad boy/bad girl and he or she swims to the surface in 2016, bringing you any number of new and lusty adventures.

You'll be redefining your image, too, with Jupiter in this house, expanding your capacity for love... and that thirst is real. The eternal teacher Saturn is in the Eighth House of intimacy, and it's cooling off those one-on-one sexy encounters. Now it's not about sex, it's about love.

Love is in the air all year, Bull, but you will be also dealing with deeper issues. It's true that our belief system rules our lives, and for you with Uranus in the Twelfth House you are in for an upheaval or reversal in what you believe, as both philosophical and religious ideologies are up for change.

With Pluto in the Ninth, some of you may be returning to school, or taking extra academic classes. When these two heavy-hitters, agents of change are in the mix. You are not only ready for change, but celebrating it.
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You've been patient for the past couple of years, and some of you might have been feeling stuck with Saturn in the Seventh House of love and committed relationships. It may have seemed no matter how you tried you weren't able to move that relationship to where you wanted it to be.

With Uranus, the wild card, in the behind the scenes Twelfth House, the past was a character in your romantic fantasies and just one of those scenarios could be that there is someone who is gone and has left a deep impression.

March 8th, a Solar Eclipse in the Eleventh House of love joins the magical Neptune, and this could be just the combination necessary for an excursion into wicked, rose-colored love. This Eclipse has the power of a wild card but really is something like a New Moon on steroids, causing you to drop your perpetual possessive streak and amp up the playful behavior.

Your ruler Venus is literally running through all the twelve houses and then later in the year begins the same rotation, hitting the houses of commitment, intimacy, and legal matters one more time, in case you didn't feel those issues deeply enough the first time.

You are one of, if not the most erotic of the Zodiac signs, and on March 23rd a Lunar Eclipse in the Sixth House of necessary change accentuates the possibility of new love coming your way. This is the time to step away from your daily routine in exchange for the thrill of secret rendezvous.

To make matters even more intriguing, the out of bounds (that means no limits) Mars is in playful Sagittarius (the house of intimacy) and you are more than willing to go out on a limb for a relationship that you feel is within reach.

In September you draw two more wild cards, both in the love houses. A Solar Eclipse on September 1st in Virgo and that infamous Fifth House of one-night stands brushes Jupiter and expands the magic of the evening. You are thinking this is more than the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

That second lunation is a Lunar Eclipse and is in the Eleventh House of pure love, and you want to nurture this bond, take him or her to meet your parents, and write the end to your searching. Real love and commitment involves both of you and if you are getting signals of sincerity from that person on the other end of the kiss, you can't go wrong in fortifying the structure of this relationship.
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Although career is very important it doesn't seem to be a priority for most of the Taurus population this year. Saturn, the architect of destiny, is in the Eighth House of other people's money, that is, and increases your benefits on the job, perhaps with a raise or a bonus.

In almost all instances you are well on your way to a career peak which comes in the next two to four years. For now you are in a position to achieve many of the goals you set for yourself when Saturn crossed the descendant about two years ago. Recognition from those in authority may come now as you have more patience and perseverance than usual.

Mars spends the first eight months of the year in and out of the Eighth House, and here other's peoples resources aid in your career. Mars acts as an instigator and stirs up the hidden corners of your career, shining light on those overlooked opportunities.

Jupiter is a double whammy this year, just as he's amping up your romantic life, he's also nudging you to take more chances in the career for the first six months of this year.

It could be for your own private amusement, but you are a bit more into speculation rather than the sure thing with investments. You may shock your financial planner a bit, or occasionally stop off and pick up a lottery ticket. This is all outside of doing your usual fine job at the office.

In September Jupiter moves into your Sixth House and if you are seeking new employment, a dream job is waiting in the wings. If you are happy in your present employment, new opportunities come your way in that venue.

2016 Yearly Horoscope: gemini


Mercury, your ruler, runs rampant this year and so do you, Gemini. As the year begins he stops in his tracks and reviews his status, and sets a pattern for your behavior for the upcoming twelve months.

This year this occasionally superficial but darling rascal makes his list and checks it twice (that is, moves into retrograde motion) four times instead of the usual three. He is a tad more impulsive than usual but the big news is he is taking on Saturn and actually opposing that stern taskmaster all year.

During those times when testing is inevitable, there is no end to the targets: romantic unions, friendship, or career. You'll get in there and dig deep and this could be one of the most transformative years in decades.

You want your way this year and will use any means to achieve that end. With Neptune holding tight to your Tenth House you have decided that your career must have more personal meaning, and look for more authenticity in all areas of your life.

The largest star in the heavens, Jupiter, is helping you achieve inner peace in the Fourth House, the place of home and family of origin, and in the Eleventh House, too -- bringing new pals your way, and a possible special love interest.
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It's not easy for Gemini to follow rules but that's exactly what might be expected of you during the upcoming year. With Saturn sitting in the Seventh House of committed relationships and opposing your Sun, you've been ducking and dodging but this is the year you conform.

Engaging in chatter is what you do best and if you are in love it's time to confess, as that awesome or inspiring conversation has to take place before love can begin. If there isn't an intellectual simpatico between the two of you, the relationship can at times be rocky.

When you really fall for someone, bells ring, lights flash, and the angels sing, and that's because it's seldom that genuine love comes to stay. For you there is a mental side to authentic emotion and a lot of time and thought goes into serious commitment.

With two dramatic eclipses in romantic Pisces, one on March 8th and the other on September 16th, you can expect a fated new romance or a beneficial shakeup in an existing affair. These two messengers bring new truths, and reveal conditions you never dreamed could exist.

Neptune in Pisces simply puts rose colored glasses on the two of you, and the scene is set for the kind of stuff of films and novels. It's love that's out in the open for all to see, and if you could you'd hire a sky writer to write the words among the stars.

Gemini has been known to often speak out inadvertently and doesn't really mean to be thoughtless, but it can often happen that way. With a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st, the words have more impact but it won't be until the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later that those words are tested. The silver-tongued Gemini though knows how to handle both words and a difficult situation.

The stars of late 2016 are more intimate and binding than they may have been in some time. Whether or not that dream of romance is fulfilled, the whole year is packed with dreamy nights and days of romantic adventure.

There are some conclusions that have been drawn throughout this year and it could be that, yes, you do want what your partner has been asking for. You've tried deeper intimacy and it agrees with you and the last few months of the year are the proof you've been looking for.
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Gemini is multi-talented, but even you may be wondering at this time what your real life work is since in 2016 finances don't seem to be the goal. Bottoms line: You are gifted with a talent for communication and any career changes ahead are all for the better.

Two eclipses in the Tenth House, March 8th and September 16th, are ruled by Neptune, the star of not only glamour, but artistic and creative genius. If you position yourself in a creative field you will double your chance of true career satisfaction.

To add to the creative intensity, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are positioning themselves in a geometric pattern that dares you to be selfish and satisfy what may feel like a pipe dream. The week of March 20th the intensity reaches a peak and there could be the hint of an opportunity that seems just beyond your grasp at the moment, but could come to fruition in the coming months. These stars are conflicted and sending mixed messages with Saturn telling you to work hard, while Neptune is telling you that you are a shoo-in.

Setting the scene for the success that can be available later in the year is Mars the instigator in retrograde motion in the Sixth House -- the sweat house of repetitive tasks. When Mars goes through this house it's hard to be a team player and for your own safety (he will stir you up) try to position yourself where you will be working with others as little as possible, as this is a long transit.

September 1st brings a Solar Eclipse in Virgo, challenging your Gemini Sun and you may have to stick with the truth and nothing but. But if you haven't, this is the month when those in charge can be difficult. On September 16th a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces -- Neptune ruled once again -- gives you a glimpse of the on-the-job glamour that could be available to you.

2016 Yearly Horoscope: cancer


Cancer, you already know that home, career, and love can present the most crucial of life's continuing challenges, and this year the cosmos decided you need to review or polish each and every one of these categories.

You are bonded to the home more than any of the other signs and there could be that first signal in March when a Lunar Eclipse shines its heavy and bright light on your sanctuary. Although this wild card drops a hint about change on the premises as early as March, it isn't until September that Jupiter moves into the Fourth House and this actually spells out new happenings are eminent.

With your home life it could range from some minor renovation, to someone moving in, to an actual move. But, wait! Change can only take place in accordance with how much insecurity you can tolerate, which, for you, water baby, is minimal. Cancer does love to be safe and this may just be the year you question the caution you've been living with. A big change that feels scary at first can turn out great!

Then there's Uranus in the Tenth House of career, promising more rocking and rolling in the area of your work or your image. The last area to be stirred is Pluto still in the Seventh House of total commitment, hammering away at your love life and asking you to be even more true or faithful.

It could be that this year, when Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are up at bat and all will whack that ball out of the park, it's not personal, it's business, Cancer.
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In the area of love Pluto -- that tiny rock at the end of the Zodiac band -- packs a punch when it's in the Seventh House, as it is from the beginning until the end of the year. The heart is usually the recipient of this sudden emotional wallop and the effects of this lean toward steamy romance... and possibly clandestine affairs.

It's no secret that most Cancers yearn for privacy and resent anyone even asking a question about their personal life. It will be particularly hard to maintain privacy when in March a Lunar Eclipse is also a guest in the Fourth House of your chart, shining a light on the place where you live. This dramatic Eclipse gives a hint about the nature of the drama, especially family, or romantic drama that becomes a part of your home life in September when Jupiter moves in.

It's hot this year, and not just because of climate change. June and July set the scene for a summer of love, Cancer, and you are ready for the many thrills coming your way! With several stars behind the scenes a lot more intimacy has developed between you and a secret romantic interest.

If you are already in a relationship, whether long-term or just blossoming, that bond, too, has intensified -- or will. Usually more reserved about committing yourself and with a tendency to shun drama, you could have done a total reversal and faced it head on. Anyway, you are now ready to enjoy the fruits of all the risks you have taken.

It's particularly exciting when the renegade warrior star Mars is out of bounds as it is all year. He's totally acting and thinking out of the box, and moves through five of the personal houses of your chart with fervor and lusty actions. Mars is an instigator and when he moves into the Seventh House of commitment in September, it spells risky love and you could totally overwhelm your partner with your feelings if you overshare or overthink. Don't create issues that don't exist.

You have a strong will and a lot of sexy talk may be titillating, but it could have an unpredictable outcome. In October the cosmos is beaming superpower energy and you could be led into deeper intimacy. Now the world sees that under what appears to be a very controlled exterior, Crab, is a wildly passionate and extremely loving heart.

Finally, Uranus in your Tenth House of image, or how you present yourself to the world, also sends the signal that things are changing. He is the star of surprise and just when you think you have your love life figured out, or where you want it, a new set of circumstances pops up. The always conventional Cancer is sexually unconventional this year.
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Have you achieved your goals in your career or is there another rung on the ladder you are reaching for? Saturn, the star of discipline, has been in the Sixth House of employment for over a year now and continues to reside in this place and adds a serious note to the workplace. It's here where you will excel from this star's muscle and persistence.

Mars can be a rebel star, and he marches through the Six House of employment March 5th until May 27th, when he backtracks and then goes right back into the work sector on August 2nd until September 27th. He's out of bounds all year and you don't know what this warrior star will stir up... but -- you're warned -- he usually brings a bit of conflict, possibly with superiors.

Mars also infuses you with more energy than you are accustomed to. Try to position yourself away from the action, and where other people are involved try to work alone on your projects as much as possible.

So for money matters, this is an exciting career year for you, Cancer, when the Solar Eclipse in March shakes up your finances, and inadvertently your career, and you snap into action. With Uranus in the Tenth House, it's almost as if you crave a bit of change on the work scene and a makeover in image -- and that's what he delivers.

This is the time when finance might, in a lot of cases, take a backseat to status. What you want is to present to the world the image of a successful career person -- and that's exactly what you will do.

2016 Yearly Horoscope: leo


Dramatic, generous, and romantic, Leo, you are everyone's dream date... and 2016 isn't any different, except that you could be even more giving.

Jupiter, the gift giver, could outdo himself this year with the beautifully wrapped baubles given for no particular reason. He's in the Second House of you-belong-to-me and there is an abundance of intimacy and good feelings.

If you have one -- or if you want one -- a love affair emits the glow that films and novels are born from. The majority of the stars hover around the place that signifies your partner zone, and they are flashing a green light with almost any new idea you conjure up.

You could be tempted to totally overlook restrictive Saturn in the place of letting the good times roll. He does keep nudging you in the direction of making a commitment to that long-time love, improving your performance on the job, and keeping a watch on finances.

It will become harder and harder to ignore his nudges this year, especially with the wildcard eclipses doing their job. They are shining their light on the financial houses and reminding you to keep it all real and not take unnecessary risks. Overall, you couldn't ask for a better year to expand on both your emotional happiness and your financial future.
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When you love, you love hard, and long. Deep down inside, Leo, you mean for the relationship to last forever and although it is sometimes doesn't work out that way, you do have that intention. In 2016 that same adrenaline rush is in the air for the single who want to meet someone, and for those already in a relationship, their affair deepens.

The star of imagination, magic, and mystery -- Neptune -- is in the place of intimate one-on-one encounters. Be careful, though, especially if you are in a fresh new twosome, that you don't see and believe what really isn't there, as that kind of illusion is Neptune's specialty.

Two of the Eclipses, one on March 8th (Solar) and the other on September 16th (Lunar), are aiding and abetting this rose-colored deceiver who has taken a lease on the intimacy house of your chart. Being in this house, the place of close-the-door-and-throw-away-the-key, you can expect erotic sparks to fly all year.

The summer months see the background music of your relationship changing and the two of you are turning a new corner in your romantic journey together. You could even be lulled into an impetuous move. The day to day tempo is about to become more exhilarating if there could be more excitement in your headstrong romantic life.

On September 9th, Jupiter moves into the Third House of discussions, and two more eclipses add to the excitement and depth of that chatter. Jupiter is sequestered between the September 1st and 16th eclipses, which will accelerate the wicked conversations that are taking place between the two of you, and are such a turn on.

The two of you begin thinking seriously about the future and the feelings are really strong, but are they strong enough to make it legal? If not, consider just sharing your nest for now. When Leo spots that certain someone, it's going to be full speed ahead -- you give it everything you have.

Mars, that gangster of love, is in this exciting brew and the strong silent star doesn't use words as much as he does actions. Something big is about to happen and you can feel it within your soul. Enjoy this year, Leo, as it is an exceptional time filled to the brim with possibilities. You could be slightly on edge, and that's probably why you are checking your phone, texts, and email as many times a day as you do.
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Saturn, the architect of destiny, has spent the past few years preparing you for an upswing in your career and now that this planet is in the Fifth House, it could be you are more comfortable about the direction you are moving in. For more than a few years you have been redefining or restructuring your career and many of you have actually changed careers.

When the cosmos calls for change, Leo, it indicates it in more than one way. You have had Pluto in the Sixth House, the workplace or the solar sweat house as it is often referred to, for more than five years and this has been slowly bringing transformation to the workplace.

With these two heavyweights working together you are beginning to become more at ease with change or the contemplation of change, and handling this slow transformation with that special cool, calm demeanor you alone possess.

Mars, that fast moving star of strong ego drives, is in the Fifth House for a good part of 2016, stirring up your creative juices, your ambition, and endowing you with even more brazen confidence. He remains in this place of achievement until September and then moves into the employment house where you begin to use those creative ideas and ambition to your benefit. Those sly devils that are the eclipses are double dipping and effecting your career and finances as well as your romantic life.

We can't forget that Jupiter is also in the house of finances, and it could be that incoming funds are increased and they don't have to necessarily come from your salary. For a Leo it could be a wild investment, or even a lottery win. 2016 is a good year, Leo, but 2017 is even better as behind the scenes you prepare yourself for more opportunities and achievements!

2016 Yearly Horoscope: virgo


The year begins with the largest star in the heavens, Jupiter, in your own sign and in the house of who you are. What could possibly be the result of this position? Expansion of your personality, emphasis on your own personal growth and happiness, and a general "me, me, me" attitude.

You are certainly in for one of the best years of your life, Virgo, and in September this gift-giving star moves into the house of finances and you can also look for expansion in the flow of funds.

In direct opposition to all this is Neptune in the house of whom it is we love, possibly ready to blind you to reality... and your ruler Mercury is adding to the confusion.

This year is more about an inner journey and possibly remembering or wanting to relive a time when love was wild and wicked and you want more of the same. The eclipses in Pisces and Virgo this year shake up the status quo if you let them as they rattle the houses of Me and You.
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As 2016 begins Neptune is in the Seventh House of where we meet our deepest love, and possibly the person we spend our lives with. You could view this new relationship as just one of those good old fashioned love-at-first-sight encounters.

There can also be strange coincidences surrounding this affair, for example a secret liaison that you've been fantasying about and who has haunted you to this day could suddenly make contact. All this intrigue comes courtesy of your ruler Mercury moving in and out of retrograde four times this year instead of three; and that's a whole lot of looking backward.

Saturn is still in the Fourth House of your early childhood, or what once was, and it's a time to look inward. While reflecting on the past, your finger may be poised just above the delete key on someone who least expects it. Your ruler, the fast moving, quick thinking Mercury, is retrograde, and you could be too hasty not only at the very beginning of the year, but throughout the year.

Pluto is in the place of one-night stands, flings, and outrageous affairs and you, the staid and conservative Virgo, are more willing to take a chance than you ever have been. It just could be that you've released some of that romantic abandon you keep such a tight lock on and this allows you to draw in someone new.

March 8th a Solar Eclipse in Pisces shines its light on someone's true character -- good or bad -- and there is no turning back. There is no better time to leap into an affair or to purge anything that seems toxic, than under the rays of an Eclipse. It's similar to a romantic time bomb and yet with Neptune hovering over you, you could meet someone who has the all the attributes of your dream man/woman.

The inner journey you are about to embark on is all about love and sex, or sex and love... you can't decide the priority just yet. Most likely the September 1st Solar Eclipse comes close to bringing you the unexpected changes in direction and new spin on love you are yearning for, and it appears that the rest of the year is that blissful time of being in love.
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Finally, Saturn is in the Fourth House, and you can literally feel a boost in your adrenaline where your work and career realm is concerned. Many of you might not have been clear on where exactly you wanted your career to go, but now you have that old zest back again and the fog is lifting.

The heavy-hitting outer planets are all below the horizon and your ambition will be up and down. It may seem as though your focus is more about finance, and home and family, with sporadic surges into personal ambition.

You can be sure that the eclipses will shake up the status quo if you let them, and even if you don't let them. Those out of the blue events that they bring are generally out of your control, Virgo, but the upside is they help you achieve things you never thought you could manage on your own.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune involve themselves in a planetary configuration that involves your personal life. It's called a T-Square and the answer to this dilemma takes place in the Tenth House of career. The week of March 20th could hold a surprise or two, so put your personal life on the back burner and prepare to work diligently on your career during the next month or two. Nothing is what it seems to be, and you know it, Virgo.

September 1st is an important career time with a Solar Eclipse in your own sign. Blend into this mix Jupiter moving into your personal financial house, plus the Mercury retrograde, and you better make that list and check it twice. With your ruler retrograde four times this year, you need time to review your career. When the time for change is here, the cosmos is relentless and in this case reminds you of any unfinished business lurking in your life.

When career is involved the actions of Mars, the instigator, can't be ignored. This warrior star is more than headstrong this year, he will be traveling in unexplored territory and dragging you with him.

The upside is you are thinking out of the box and that an idea that has been germinating for years suddenly blooms sometime between April and June, increasing your confidence and surprising your workmates and superiors. This year could be a turning point in your career!

2016 Yearly Horoscope: libra


Your ruler Venus is pushing you this year, as she scoots through all of the twelve signs and then some, waking up old dreams, forgotten talents, and stirring new ambition.

By mid-October she's right back where she started in the house of communication along with sometimes prissy Saturn, who behind the scenes is quietly refining your everyday chatter. Venus ends the year in the house of love and December could be that important month that sees you making an important change.

Jupiter lends a helping hand and takes the form of an angel whispering in your ear, and you'll seem to intuitively know all the right words and moves. In September he moves into your own sign of Libra and you enjoy the limelight fully.

Jupiter in Libra opens the door to the good life, and lightens up your personal life as well as your relationships -- both personal and professional. This cosmic gift giver is increasing your self-confidence, your sex appeal, and your charm... and it shows, Libra. You're magnetic this year.
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Venus, your ruler, is on the hunt this year as she dashes in and out of all the houses of your chart. Toward the end of the year she begins to retrace her steps and returns to the house of the sexy come-back, the place of candlelit dinners, and the house of love at first sight.

The cosmos has churned out challenging energy for your love life over the past few years, Libra, and it could be some of you acquired a few wounds and possibly aren't ready to introduce a sexy someone to the public. Jupiter is in the Twelfth House of behind the scenes activity, also implying that the flirtatious Libra is keeping a secret.

With Uranus in the powerful Seventh House of partnerships, you may have been tempted to change partners often. If you and your love interest are still together after the past several years, there's a good chance that he or she is a keeper, maybe even the love of your life.

In March, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign turns a magnifying glass on you and your partner. Eclipses help to see the person behind the mask they put on for the world... and it could be you -- the indecisive Libra -- are forced to take a good look, whether it's in the mirror or in the face of a lover. Secrets are revealed during a Lunar Eclipse.

The entire year the emphasis is on you, or just who is the real you. On the lighter side, whether or not you are in a relationship your inner vivacious vamp is always there in the wings and it could be during the March 23rd Lunar Eclipse that vixen comes out to play. By the time September rolls around and Jupiter moves into your own sign, the tempting soul in question is playing for keeps.

We can't forget Mars as a key player in this upcoming year, Libra. He is your ruler Venus's constant lover, companion, and partner in crime and he is out of bounds a great part of 2016, which means in matters of love he's thinking way out of the box. Whether you are single, dating someone, or in an exclusive relationship, it will be wildly adventurous as a result of the electricity bouncing off of these two charismatic stars and their willingness to venture into heretofore-uncharted territory.
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Saturn is the architect of destiny, while Jupiter is the gift giver, and if you have been dissatisfied with your career, or searching for a new avenue to shine your light, you are very close to finding it with these two heavyweight stars working for you. Saturn has not been in the Third House of your chart very long but he is already changing the way you communicate -- and your superiors are listening.

It could be, too, that there will be positive changes in income as he has left the Second House where he restricted your income somewhat. For the next two years your skills are being sharpened and funds flow more freely. When he finishes his sojourn in the Third House, you are poised and ready to step into that new position that beckons.

As if that isn't enough Third House activity, the warrior Mars in this place picks up the tempo of your daily life and your energies are going to be very high. You can accomplish more in a day than you thought possible, but watch that you expend this energy in projects and not conflicts with co-workers. This is a milestone transit for you.

Libra, 2016 holds two eclipses in your Sixth House of employment. The first is on March 8th (Solar) and the second on September 16th (Lunar), and the months in between these two game-changers could indicate transitions in the workplace. This wild card eclipse bonanza is going to set up the beginning of a new cycle of development. It could be along that with Jupiter prominent you expand your horizons with travel and find yourself in a place of new opportunity.

In matters of career we can't forget Mars, the instigator, and when he is out of bounds as he is this year, your creative juices are at an all-time high. If there is a pet project you have stowed away for another time, he reminds you of that dream in spring and summer.

Mars retrogrades between April 17th and June 29th, so if you didn't get the message the first time, he spends all this time reminding you of a forgotten or discarded dream. It could be that your new presentation of an old idea succeeds beyond your expectations. Go, Libra!

2016 Yearly Horoscope: scorpio


Always a force to be reckoned with, Scorpio, you aren't in the mood to settle in any of the areas of your life this upcoming year.

Whether it's your lover's intentions, career issues, or that shoved under the carpet family secret everyone's been whispering about for years, with your ruler Pluto in the Third House, you are aiming for clarity. Never really chatty, you do definitely this year adopt a "take no prisoners" attitude surrounding communication. The wily but wise Pluto literally pushes you to shed light on matters that have been buried.

Neptune brings a touch of mystery as well as spice to the Fifth House of the light love affair, or the one-night stand. Here, you bring passion and intensity and could turn a short love story into a 500-page novel.

Mars, co-ruler of your chart, plays a big part in your intimate and unsolved mysteries as he begins the year flexing his muscle. He spends the year traversing the most personal sector of your life, shaking it up and one of the many answers you are seeking suddenly is within vision.

With Saturn's influence, whether you are prosperous or not, you feel there is a lack of funds. You want to know what actually belongs to you, whether its hard cash, a trust fund, or that antique trunk that's been in the family for generations.
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With the star of the rose colored dream, Neptune, in the Fifth House this year, love, erotic adventure, and sexy encounters are at an all-time high. It can't hurt to have two Solar Eclipses lighting up this same house of love as a dare. An eclipse is always a break or a change in the status quo. For the single Scorpio (and possibly the attached, too) it could be that in March and again in September a new face is among the usual suspects.

Scorpio is always discriminating, and with Jupiter in Virgo for the first half of the year, you could become too exacting with love partners. The message is: lighten up. Mid-October, Jupiter moves into Libra and the Twelfth House, and there could be secrecy (and who loves secrets more than a Scorpio) surrounding your relationship. You don't need to be told it's the time to keep a low profile, you can feel it in the air and you also can barely believe you are being loved so totally.

Scorpios are alluring sexual beings and with the placement of Neptune and the eclipses you'll do more overt flirting, not your usual slow and easy seduction act. The quiet intensity that is yours works like magic, and a little wine, song, and passion add to the magic.

You never show your hand readily and this strategy works superbly this year. Once you have captured the eye of your object of desire, you move in with your almost faultless ability to make the other person feel at home with you.

Mars, the co-ruler of your chart, is retrograde April 17th until June 29th, and this could be the time when this out of bounds, thinking out of the box star knows the right questions to ask. September 27th through November 9th he meets up with Pluto in Capricorn, and what you are seeking suddenly is within vision.

The icing on this Scorpio cake in 2016 is Venus, the star of love, is running like crazy through the entire twelve houses, imbuing you with more confidence than you've ever had. Venus spends time out of bounds as well as Mars, and from October 18th to December 7th you go from one outrageous escapade to another. It is possible you are moving outside of your usual circle of friends and lovers and have found a new romantic direction and partner.
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No career forecast can begin without putting Saturn's position into the mix, Scorpio. With Saturn in the Second House of your chart you are really learning what's important to you.

You may have spent the past couple of years reevaluating your career, or perhaps reshaping what it is you want to aspire to. Be careful you don't let your monetary desires supersede who you really are as you are feeling vulnerable, and that insecurity may find you losing sight of what your goals really are.

Mars, the feisty co-ruler of your chart, is also occupying the Second House of personal income from March 5th to May 27th, and you could feel control is being wrested from your hands. Try not to identify with what it is you own during this transit, because if you do you may find yourself making purchases that are unnecessary or impulsive.

Jupiter, the star of plenty, urges you to have a good time. For the first half of the year he sits in the Eleventh House, promoting self-expression, and it showcases your creative side to the workplace. Jupiter during this time makes wonderful overtures to your ruler Pluto and financially you feel more than just prosperous, but also blessed.

Neptune could at times act as a culprit as he opposes Jupiter through September, and you may have to strap yourself to your work station to get your work completed. You can be distracted a lot of the time and seek an escape from mundane daily chores.

September 10th, Jupiter moves into Libra and your Sixth House of employment. It is at this time and through the end of the year that the workplace presents the fulfillment you are searching for. You have a new sense of purpose and it could be that a new job, or better financial rewards -- or both -- are in the works.

Scorpio, 2016 is a year for answers, and you are probing. Some of you may stumble upon a brand new attitude. You may be more content than you have been in the past few years and allow your diligent Scorpio self to coast through, pausing to smell the roses!

2016 Yearly Horoscope: sagittarius


Wow, Sagittarius, in 2016 you could not be more into your own interests and developments if you wanted to. It looks like the stars are giving you a free pass to indulge in your own pleasures and pursuits. Nice!

As the year begins, eight of the moving stars are in the eastern hemisphere of your chart, the hemisphere that is all about you and what you want. Saturn, the wisdom figure, is in your sign, and as you indulge yourself totally, you are taking those indulgences seriously. There is nothing trivial about your personal interests this year.

It's the personal stars, though, that add zing to everyday life and they revolve around your love interests. Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be moving quickly through the relationship houses, so that your partner gets some well-deserved attention.

The mischievous star Mercury rules the house of love and committed relationships and he stops and starts four times this year, which is out of the ordinary, bringing more of those torrid interludes that you do love. This is the kind of year you may have dreamed about in the past... and here it is in living color, Sag.
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Mercury moves into retrograde motion almost immediately this year and it adds romantic confusion and a tad of a frenzy to your life since he can move in and out of a hot love affair before his partner is even sure he's been there.

Mars, that sexy warrior, is thinking out of the box in the Twelfth House of keeping mum and spending almost three months in this area of the chart, adding a touch of intrigue as well as secrecy to your romantic forays.

Committed relationships are not your priority just now, but wicked love trysts are, and you are definitely more vulnerable in those sexy interludes. That means hands off of those who are already attached. A romantic situation that begins this year has the opportunity to grow, but you are definitely in a closed mouth state of mind and will be relying on physical rather than verbal ways to express your feelings.

A Solar Eclipse on March 8th and then the follow-up Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd provide a sexy two-week window of opportunity for love. The March 8th Eclipse seems to have a built-in escape hatch that appeals to you, and the Lunar on March 23rd finds you making the decision as to whether you stay or go.

Saturn is about to bring staying power to the carefree Sag and it brings it to every physical effort you make. Your playful attitude about romance delights, but when you add the extra ounce of intensity you have this year, your appeal is magnified.

It appears to a partner that you are the stuff dreams are made of. Another pair of eclipses on September 1st and 16th could find you smitten, and your free spirit becomes proprietary as you catch the eye of a new face. You feel immediately as though the two of you are transmitting secret messages, and you read them loud and clear and they might make you blush. Someone finds you more than just sexy, they find you irresistible.

The transit of Saturn through Sagittarius is fun if you can think of it as a new escapade and not the beginning of a new and tamer you, although that just might be the case with this stern star of fate in your sign for the next two years, Sag.
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Jupiter, your ruler, that huge, happy-go-lucky star is in the Tenth House of career as 2016 begins. He is occupying a position of power along with the North Node, the directional signal of your life. Whether you've been working at your career or not, this area of your life is hot.

Add to the heat Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune start in a heavenly dance contest you plan to win or at least come in second, no matter how hard it seems. The week of March 20th they perform in front of the judge, and it's a time you should be prepared to go full speed ahead toward your goals.

You might feel a bit of conflict as you are getting mixed messages with Saturn telling you to work hard, while Neptune is whispering in your ear that you are a shoo-in and could just wing it. These opposing stars are dragging Jupiter into the fray and he wants to win at any cost.

Saturn is the architect of destiny and in the 1st house where he is residing there can be a feeling on ennui... that maybe you've "been there done that" in your career and it's time to make a change. Whether this change is big (a total makeover) or just an upgrade to your current position it could create a feeling of confusion or lack of clarity unless you already know your new direction.

Actually this is probably not new information as you may have been feeling a need for change, or a breath of fresh air in the career sector starting in 2015, but there has been a yellow light signaling caution for some time now. In 2016 it is poised to turn green.

Sag, this is an exciting time in life, although it may come disguised as discomfort it's never been your style to run from a challenge... although each and every one of you may not feel this impetus to make a move. In September a Solar Eclipse in Virgo -- your career house -- could shed light on a new direction or even a minor change, and it will come as news out of the blue. In matters of career you may look back with nostalgia at 2016 as a much needed crossroad.

2016 Yearly Horoscope: capricorn


Your ruler Saturn's two year stay in the lofty Sagittarius is now underway, Cap, and you may have noticed ever so slightly in the past year or two how elements of your life are seemingly fading away.

It's subtle, as if you catch the action out of the corner of your eye, but you are in a finishing up phase, especially in career matters. What is actually happening is you are clearing the decks for a new bigger and better beginning.

Those wild-card eclipses in 2015 and into 2016 drop a hint or two about career elevation or change as early as March, but it isn't until September that Jupiter moves into the Tenth House and actually spells out new happenings that could be eminent.

As the year begins you have Pluto in the First House of your chart and there is a new intensity to you personally as well as in both love and career relationships. This is basically a getting-in-touch-with-yourself transit and you could be surprised at your own control issues and how deep they really go.

Despite this new awareness you just can't help yourself, especially in those hot and sexy matters of the heart. You might actually stake a claim this year.
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Pluto has moved into the First House of your chart, where it will stay for years into the future, and your personality has quietly begun undergoing a makeover.

For the first half of 2016 that makeover speeds up with aggressive Mars in the Eleventh House, creating an intensity that previously was reserved strictly for career purposes, but it's doing double duty this year. Your body language, which has always been similar to a yellow caution signal, has been sufficiently weakened by the heat from Pluto in your sign, and may be permanently stuck on green for the whole year.

Two star-studded months stand out in the upcoming year and they are June and July. The summer months are hot... and I don't mean just the temperature. With three or four stars filling the Seventh House of love, they create a wildly romantic but possibly secretive love affair to remember. There should be enough fireworks, adrenaline rushes, and delicious love at first sight experiences to move any relationship into the fast lane.

Neptune is in the Third House and Jupiter is in the Ninth House of how we interact with our lovers. They are vying for first place in communication styles as well as increasing your intuitive powers.

Saturn, the tiniest and the toughest star in the solar system and the ruler of your chart, has arrived in the Twelfth House of secrets and spirituality with not just a suitcase, but a trunk. He's planning on staying for the next two years at least. In the trunk are all the reminders of what has faded from your life, and what was black and white may now appear in bright hues. Your divine intuition is heightened even more and you'll be surprised at the hidden strengths and wicked desires that escape from that piece of luggage during the upcoming two years.

Venus, the goddess of love, is literally running through the Zodiac lineup and in November she's right back where she started in the mysterious Twelfth House and immediately bumps into Saturn for the second time this year.

Does this mean that a relationship has matured enough that it's getting the okay to move into the limelight or announce some kind of commitment? If that's the case, Capricorn, in December when she dashes into your sign for the second time it could be there is a new romantic alliance being announced during the holiday festivities. Or possibly the two of you just show up and simply that visual makes its own announcement. This is a year you will long remember!
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It isn't an accident that you are probably the most ambitious of the Zodiac signs with Saturn, the architect of destiny, as your ruler. It's similar to having a powerful father figure watching over you since you were a child, gently nudging you in the right direction. In 2016 he is in the Twelfth House, the finishing up house.

Sometime within the next two years, Capricorn, it will occur to you that you want more than career expansion, you want to expand on your talents. For example, if you are an actor you might want to take your turn in the director's chair. If you aren't feeling it at this moment, give yourself a year or so, and suddenly you'll feel a shot of adrenaline. Voila, a new idea is born. That idea is just a baby at this particular time, but we all know how quickly babies grow.

As if you don't have enough to think about at this point, here comes Mars setting up camp in the Twelfth House of group activities, or meeting influential people that raise your consciousness about your goals. Your old buddies and colleagues are important during this transit, as with Jupiter in this place they are more supportive than usual.

In March this warrior star moves into the Twelfth with Saturn and together the two of them support any new ideas you conjure up. It doesn't appear that you can be in a better time Capricorn. This is the year for finishing up projects, boning up on new skills, and concentrating on the future.

Jupiter, the biggest star (not bigger than the Sun, though) in the Zodiac lineup, is in the Ninth House, broadening your perspective so in effect he's working right along with Saturn. He's exposing you to a broader world and a new perspective on career, work, or lifestyle. The Ninth is Jupiter's natural house and he is at his best here as he urges you to mature and be open to more career possibilities. Good luck, Capricorn!

2016 Yearly Horoscope: aquarius


The always on the move Aquarian plays it true to form in 2016. Uranus, your ruler, still occupying the Third house nurtures your need for constant learning, offbeat conversations, and short journeys off the beaten track.

More curious and ambitious than ever, the craving for sexy affairs of the heart is quite strong. Jupiter, the largest star in the heavens, is in the house of intimacy, and in September he enters the house of faraway places and that yearning becomes too strong to ignore. For that single Aquarian who truly follows his heart it could be you find love on foreign soil.

To satisfy these desires, even if they are brought down a notch, you may be working harder to attain the necessary funds.

With Neptune, the star of illusion, disillusion, and dissolving conditions, in the house of income, you'll be fine-tuning that area of your life and the last four months of the year could see you not only improving your financial situation but exceeding your expectations.
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For as much as you like to be in love, this upcoming year it could be most of you Water Bearers are satisfied with what you have, especially if you are already in a relationship. The outer planets, those heavy-hitters that won't let us relax, are in the eastern hemisphere, the area of your chart that's all about just plain getting the love you want, your personal interests satisfied, and continued self-improvement.

That doesn't mean, though, that your sex life is status-quo, you are just as experimental in this area as ever. There are four eclipses this year and March and September are highlighted for those minor corrections in relationships that eclipses bring. A stable relationship could go through a sexy makeover, but a shaky one will be on thin ice.

While there is a possibility of a torrid affair in 2016, it isn't one that you want the world to know about (nor should you consider if you're not both single and on the same page). If you do, with Pluto in the Twelfth House of secrets and in lucky aspect to Jupiter in March, June, and again in November, you could escape prying eyes with a romantic getaway, possibly to a foreign destination. This tiny but powerful star wants to keep love hush-hush to savor the intimacy and heighten the mystery.

There could be more than one of these erotic and secret affairs but the early months of spring would be the time when the affair would have the strongest impact and best chance to form a lasting bond.

The Solar Eclipse of September 1st is in the Eighth House of intimacy, transformation, and your partner's finances. Aquarians aren't into do-or-die romance, but this Eclipse could provoke an exception to the rule. It can also mean a change in your spouse's or current lover's finances.

Neptune spends all of 2016 in the place of you-belong-to-me and he is the champion disturber of the peace... but in a sneaky way. Add this troublemaker to the secret romances already brewing and together they ignite a fire that isn't containable.

Aquarians are smitten with almost all new prospects, especially the unconventional. Oh, you'll try a straight and narrow coupling, but what really turns you on is the unavailable, the seemingly unattainable, or someone as offbeat as you are. It would seem that whenever Neptune is involved he brings with him an assortment of these people. This transit may not get a seal of approval from convention but it does guarantee that you get more than your quota of romantic moments this year.
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Saturn, the architect of destiny, has spent the past two or three years in the Tenth House of your career. For many of you this means you are finally in a place where you feel comfortable about your achievements and you can move on to satisfy other needs.

For those of you who feel this satisfaction, the absence of stars in the Sixth House also suggests the workplace is stable. For the not quite satisfied employees both the March 8th Solar Eclipse and a September 16th Lunar Eclipse could bring an opportunity to experience that positive change you are searching for.

Mars, that fast moving star of strong ego drives, is in the Tenth House as the year begins, Aquarius, stirring your ambitions. He remains in this highest place of achievement until September and then moves into the Eleventh House where you may suddenly feel the need to include others in your goal to solidify your future. The Eleventh House is the place of group relationships and so it's not the time to be a loner. From now until June of 2017 team action gets you where you want to go.

We can't forget Neptune is in the Second House of finances and it could be that money comes from unusual places this year, whether that be a wild investment, an increase in salary, or even a lottery win. Those sly devils that are the eclipses are triggering your romantic life and also double dipping and effecting your career and finances.

With two eclipses in the Second House this year, both in what it is you earn and in your career could experience more financial stability. Here again the larger-than-life gift giver, Jupiter, sticks his nose in the mix and it could even be your partner's career or finances that give you a welcome boost in lifestyle.

2016 is a good year but 2017 is even better as behind the scenes you prepare yourself for more achievement, Aquarius!

2016 Yearly Horoscope: pisces


Here you are in 2016, Pisces, deep into the magic of the once-in-a-lifetime transit of your ruler, Neptune, to your Sun. More than likely you are redefining your romantic world, reshaping your body image, and even contemplating finishing that novel.

Although you do have a list of priorities for the year, love is your first concern and your romantic life is on fire! Good times are very much on the agenda with two eclipses in your own sign, and it's all about you -- what it is you want, whom you love, and what you look like.

Behind the scenes and prodding you firmly is the very wily and wise Pluto, taking up residence in one of the health houses. This is the year you begin a stricter and healthier daily regime as the need to take better care of yourself continually grows and you just could become your own project.

From January through September it's all about love, personal pleasure, and your body image. In September these are still priorities but your romantic life becomes lustier and more sex driven, while your mind turns toward finances and career.
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Neptune's influence on your Sun spells more romance for both singles and couples than you've experienced in this lifetime. With Jupiter in the Seventh House for the past five months, your love life is already hot. This year you are meeting many new and exciting people, and for some of you a marriage is in the wings.

There could also be the renegade Pisces who loves complications and falls in love with the wrong person, someone already taken -- perhaps your married boss, or that bad boy/bad girl who has been tempting you into a relationship.

Two star-studded months stand out in the upcoming year, and they are March and September. March has almost half of the Zodiac band winking at you from your own sign of Pisces, including a Solar Eclipse on March 8th. Your powers of seduction are at an all-time high and tinged with romantic abandon that stretches out through the whole year.

Then there's that Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd in Libra that adds not only lust but a touch of monetary reward to the month. For those who don't know what an Eclipse is or what one does: it's the wild card in the deck, the card that changes your hand, upsets the game, and usually wins you the pot.

On September 1st a Lunar Eclipse in your Seventh House might be jarring. If you wanted to make a change back in March and didn't, it could be you do it now. Two weeks later on September 16th comes yet another Eclipse, this one in your sign, and it brings you back full circle to that relationship with yourself.

It will be me, me, me, for some time to come. Enjoy it, lavish yourself with indulgences, and explore the myriad of ideas or possibilities that surface from the dusty corners of your own creative nature.

It isn't just love, a new lover, and the possibility of a deeper bond forming -- as if that's not enough -- but add your own dreamy and creative imagination to the brew and you are capable of turning your relationship into a thing of beauty, or a true soul-union.

For the more adventurous Pisces, all those old films that involve spontaneous and reckless love are replaying themselves in your mind's eye, and from on high the stars are flashing a green light. Love lights up your life in 2016 like a never-ending string of sparkling, bright lights... and promises a year to remember.
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Saturn, the architect of destiny, is in your Tenth House -- and pushing you hard toward goals that you may have thought were just pipe dreams. You have reached the summit in an upward climb but don't think that you don't have to be on your toes and go that extra mile. This is the time when you have the greatest opportunity to make an impression on the world as an individual.

Neptune on your Sun may have aided you in landing a dream job in the past couple of years but it's you who worked diligently and expanded the scope of what it is you do. What appeared to be bold thinking actually was just you digging in and getting the job done.

Change is always a wild card in an orderly workplace and there could be change as the weeks and months of 2016 pass. Even though you are not directly involved, perhaps a higher-up or another employee experiences the challenges, and due to a trickle-down effect you may be involved.

Mars, the instigator, is out of bounds most of the year and that means you'll be thinking out of the box more often than usual. He retrogrades between April 17th and June 29th and you may surprise yourself at how creative you can be as you go for what you want during that time.

Pisces, more than most of the signs, prefers working alone, and if you can identify a project or part of a project as your own, your energy level and diligence will go a long way and make an impression on those in a position to help you.

Uranus, the star of change, is still in your Second House of finances, and it can bring change in the way you pursuing your financial goals. There are numerous possibilities heading your way, possibly an upgraded or even a totally new job, but the end result (even if you stay in the same position) is more excitement in the workplace and new challenges in your life.

This is the year you are filled with optimism about your professional life and it will take more than the usual bump or two in the road to hinder the progress you make in 2016, Pisces.