6 unexpected ways to decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s
Written by Malek

Pay attention to the food you eat.

By Business Insider Lydia Ramsey:

As we age, our brains might start to get less sharp, making it harder to learn new things or remember key events. And for some, that cognitive decline could be significant, in some rarer cases leading to Alzheimer's Disease. Here's what the science has to say about the best ways to lower your risk of Alzheimer's and cognitive decline.

Pay attention to the food you eat: The right diet can contribute to lowering your risk of cognitive decline — in particular a diet called the MIND diet, short for "Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay" It's a hybrid version of the Mediterranean and DASH diets, focusing on the aspects of those diets that have to do with the brain. Berries, olive oil, nuts, and dark, leafy greens are staples of the diet, which was designed based on large-scale studies of cognitive decline and ranked third on US News and World Report's annual best diet list. A study of almost 1,000 seniors found that the diet appeared to lower the risk of Alzheimer's by 35% for those who followed it moderately and by 53% in people who followed it closely. Plus, it fits in with what Dr. Maria Carrillo, chief scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Association told Business Insider in July: "Have fun, eat healthy meals that are good for you, and you may end up helping your brain as well as your heart."
Here are the others way to lower the risk of Alzheimer:

Stay active.

Decrease your stress levels where possible.

Maintain healthy sleep habits

Stay socially active

Read, play games, or otherwise stimulate your mind.