Aoun Says 'More than Guaranteed' Hizbullah Won't Turn Its Arms Inwards
Written by Malek

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by naharnet - President Michel Aoun has stressed that Hizbullah's weapons “do not contradict with the State,” noting that it is “more than guaranteed” that Hizbullah will not “turn its arms inwards.” “As long as there is Israeli-occupied land and as long as the army is not strong enough to fight Israel, we sense that there is a need for the presence of the resistance's arms so that they complete the army's weapons,” Aoun said in an interview on the Egyptian TV channel CBC. “Hizbullah are the residents of the South and are among the Lebanese citizens whose land was occupied and part of the land is still occupied,” the president noted, emphasizing that “certainly Hizbullah's arms do not contradict with the State and are an essential component of the means to defend Lebanon.” Aoun added: “We have a land occupied by Israel and when Israel usurps certain territory, it would be difficult to recapture it. This is how we must view Hizbullah's weapons.” “It is more than guaranteed that Hizbullah will not turn its arms inwards,” the president reassured.