Richard Rahil Al Khazen is a professional Actor located in the Washington, DC area. He has worked on a myriad of film and television projects. His credits include working with New Dominion Pictures for the National Geographic cable channel, the Discovery channel, Lifetime Cable Network, and PBS television. He appeared on The West Wing with Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe, and acted in industrial, documentary, educational, independent films, as well as corporate videos. He has been selected for a number of projects that specialize in the dramatization of real-life events, to include America’s Most Wanted, Interpol Investigates, and The Day That Changed My Life. He has done background acting for 7-Days, Along Came a Spider with Morgan Freeman, and the Bourne Ultimatum with Matt Damon. In 2004, he traveled to Jordan where he was featured as a Principle in ‘Ma Khalas," directed by Ghada Saba. Ms. Saba is the Assistant Director to the acclaimed Egyptian Director Yousef Chahine.  ‘Ma Khalas’ is the first Arab-American film of its kind to be made in Jordan. A graduate from the American University, Washington, D.C. in the field of Public Communications, Richard has also authored a non-fiction book entitled "Existence Denied."



Managing Partner, CMC, LLC – International Consulting