Leeza-Maria El Khazen recently founded Lynx Production, a feature film production company.  Prior to the creation of Lynx she was Vice President of Feature and Business Development at Franchise Pictures.  She had been with Franchise since its inception in 1998 and has worked on the development and production of a number of high profile pictures delivered to the market place. 

Among them have been The Whole Nine Yards starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, Driven starring Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds and Estella Warren, Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel, Art of War starring Wesley Snipes, City By the Sea starring Robert De Niro and Francis McDormand, Ecks vs. Sever starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu, Sean Penn’s The Pledge starring three-time Academy Award-winner Jack Nicholson and David Mamet’s Heist starring Gene Hackman, Danny Devito, and Delroy Lindo.  Projects currently in post production are:  A Sound of Thunder directed by Peter Hyams and starring Ed Burns, and Ben Kingsley. Pls Click READ MORE to view complete profile

In addition to feature development Leeza-Maria created a department responsible for the exploitation of ancillaries, including branding, promotions, licensing and merchandising associated with the various pictures and the events surrounding their release.  Leeza-Maria was also responsible for overseeing the development of video games, based on the relevant movies, for Playstation 2, Game Boy Advanced, Game Cube and X-Box platforms;

Fluent in Arabic French and English, Leeza-Maria received her MBA from Pepperdine University and holds a degree in Economics from the University Of California in Santa Barbara.